Drawing What Anxiety Feels Like


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  1. Basically, my self conscious knows I won't get this, people wont laugh and all that. My mind is like NOPE! You're gonna die today. The monster in my head tells me different when deep down I know I won't die. I've been dealing with it for awhile and it's getting better. If I see something that triggers me it all comes back. Then I just like watch a funny movie or something.

  2. It feels like a mobster is running towards me I hide in a quiet room in school and muffle my tears and it feels like everyone nearby can hear me and is laughing, eventually I calm down and go to class hoping that no one notices that I’ve been crying or asks If I’m ok

  3. Anxiety for me is thoughts going through my head and thinking what others think about me and not wanting to change being in a big crowded place and even being in a classroom or school I’m my heart is racing
    Then I have anxiety attack
    Being alone
    Feeling trapped in this world where people judge me 😢

    Caring what others think
    Not being social cause I worry what they think.

    That’s my anxiety 😔

  4. My anxiety is like a big make there's no end you get so stressed and scared you have a panic attack every second your find a way but it always just leads you to the begging and go through all of the downs of life again it's like a rollercoaster but there's no up it is like just a infinite down fall your scared that your just going to fall off it's like if there's all your fears around you see memories but when good one comes your not looking your only looking at bad and horrible ones that just go on repeat forever and ever you try to find a remote to turn it off but all it turns off is good memories but there all gone there dead just like how you fell inside I can't breath it's like I'm running through the maze but there's a rollercoaster and there's so much to it that you have so many panic attacks that you feel like you're not you, you feel broken and dead and it's all in this room the size of the earth sometimes you just wanna jump of the end of the earth and be gone forever

    If your sorry you read all that

  5. My anxiety is like being in a room without windows all alone and there being some doors in front of me,
    Door 1: a beautiful park with a lot of kids 7-9 year olds playing and laughing, I try to go in , it’s locked
    Door 2: a bunch of 10-12 year olds laughing with each other, talking and getting to know each other , I try to go in , it’s locked
    Door 3: a room full of 7-12 year old kids that look really mean and like if they will laugh at the smallest mistake or thing you do wrong, it’s my last chance to leave so I try to go in , it’s unlocked, I walk in and everyone starts laughing,with me? No , they are laughing at me , why? I don’t know , I never know, you can always go back to the first room, right? No, my mind tells me I can’t even though I want to leave I can’t I don’t want to be lonely, alone and In the dark, so I stay , I stay in a room where everyone is laughing and will keep laughing at my mistakes.

    That’s how my anxiety feels , if you read all they way I’m sorry to bother you

  6. anxiety for me is wanting to be alone and isolated to feel safe, but end up feeling trapped with all these thoughts that won't stop flooding my mind. i need constant distractions to feel okay, but sometimes the distractions overwhelm me, and the cycle continues on.

  7. Anxiety just makes me feel pressure, and it makes me feel worthless. I try to hide it from everyone but I can’t, people are saying it’s okay but I’m getting worse because I feel like they are thinking that they are getting stuck with me, the girl that worries all the time. So what I really wanted to say was, thank you.

  8. I’ve been trying to get help, but I end up questioning if I really have anxiety and depression. Then I compare it to other people’s situation, like how many people face extreme poverty, and then I end up thinking how selfish and horrible I am. Then I try to accept that I’m selfish and horrible. Then something as minor as getting an answer wrong in school or getting called out, gets me really nervous and makes me feel stupid or wrong. Then repeat, at least until something horrible (or maybe what I perceive as horrible) happens, then I can be happy because I have something to be sad about. Idk there’s something wrong with me, I think.

  9. Once again buzz feed for the most part, isnt correct. For anyone who is trying to understand anxiety. Ask someone who has it. I experienced anxiety since I started developing my memory. Mind is severe I experience it 10+ times a day. ANXIETY: The best way to describe it is like this. Imagine your playing or in a video game. And there is scary music playing and its making your heart race but nothing is coming up or scaring you. So you continue to spin and panic. You're welcome

  10. For me I feel like I'm getting judge with them not even saying it and plus I also feel like I'm the center of attention and I would easily shake and I would stammer I would even sweat and hesitate alot if I say something

  11. This is really how it feels like. From the young age of 5-6 I was diagnosed with a GAD (General Anxiety Disorder). It was just fine but as years went by it got worse. Right now I have good and bad days. But its better because I see a therapist. I used to be very ashamed to talk about it since I was bullied, now I'm just fine with it and I've learnt to express my feelings and be myself.

  12. I have also experienced anxiety and panic attacks for years and years, but I decided to look for solutions and try different types of techniques. After a lot of researching and trying, I put together the techniques that work best for me in a video. These techniques have helped me to combat anxiety and panic attacks in the most effective way. Take a look, try it out, and let me know, if they help you as well. Xx