DOCS: The Boy Whose Skin Fell Off

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DOCS: The Boy Whose Skin Fell Off

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  1. This is how I feel about dying I have lupus really bad and rheumatoid arthritis with problems with my lungs heart and kidneys but I’m only 31 but I’ve had since I was 16 so it’s taking it’s tole. But I want to make sure I have all my affairs in order but every time I try saying what I want for my funeral I get shut down but for god sakes it’s going to happen anyways I’m just make sure it will be the way I want it lol!
    This guy was a joker and player I would’ve loved to hang out with him he seemed like an awesome man gone to soon!

  2. What a lovely man.His spirit and his love for life and for death is extraordinary.He lived his life on Jonny's terms.He remained so upbeat right up until the day he passed.I would not know how to take it if a doctor told me that I had only months to live.But I hope if that ever do happen I will try very hard to remember Jonny Kennedy's life and death and try to draw some of that humor from him and his life.

  3. Even though this happened so long ago……. I thought he was the coolest dude on the planet……. I mean he wanted that lion carved in his coffin which looked amazing and had eye of the tire played at his funeral was cry quite amazing and how he said he'd be doing high dives from the clouds I can honestly say I hope to meet him when I pass away…….

  4. I Love You & Your Family Johnny. Thankyou for telling your story & for being so honest. Iam in Awe of You & your family. I hope you are making my 14 yr old Son Walter Laugh in Heaven. I know he would Love hanging with you. His sense if humor was just like yours. I Know We Will Meet One Day in Heaven. Fly High Johnny You Have Blessed Many Many People With Raising Awareness & Funds for Deborah & Also With Your Story. You Have Done More in Your 36 yrs. In this Life than Most People if they live to be 100. You Are So Brave. God Bless Your Family & Great Friends…💝🐊🍄😇💝

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