DOCS: Ben – A Heroin Addict’s Diary


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  1. It doesn't matter the up bringing or any of that this drug is the devil and is all around us I'm in recovery and my childhood wasn't that bad except for little things but I was a child who had it all and I am an addict who is now in recovery addiction does not discriminate and asking for help may seem like an easy thing but it isnt were afraid of the outcome of what people will say and think r.I.p to all of the addicts

  2. I wasn’t an opiate addict until I had a back issue that nobody could figure out how to treat. A pain management doctor prescribed me oxy and the rest was history. After OxyContin became too hard to find I turned to heroin. I’ve been clean for 8 years and I want to tell people sobriety is a possibility. I haven’t had the urge to used for 5 years and just the the thought of it sends chills down my spine. PS If you need to get on suboxone do it. Do anything you can to stay away from methadone. You can do this.

  3. If one good thing came out of this, it’s that his story can be shared with the world. I’m not religious, but this makes me question that, since it truly does seem like Ben was put here for a reason.

  4. This reminds me so much of my sister. She doesn’t do heroin thankfully, but she smokes weed, drinks, and does xanax all the time. She was homeless for about a year before moving back in with my family. She’s the oldest, so me and our younger brother were both still living at home. She lived here for about a year before moving back away again.

    The things this family says about wanting to help him, but sometimes just giving up and turning the other cheek because it gets too much to deal with. About how Ben kept saying he wanted to stop, but it would never last. How it hurt not only him, but everyone else in the family. How they compared it to having a special needs child. It’s crazy to me, I didn’t expect to relate so heavily to this video.

    The difference between Ben and my sister is that it seems Ben really and truly wanted to stop. My sister said she did, but I don’t think she actually cared the way Ben did. She always saw herself as the victim when my family would try to get her to stop, which is what angered me the most. It angered me because, like Ben’s parents, my parents spent a LOT of time and money trying to get her help. They sacrificed so much without thinking twice about it, because they thought she was finally turning her life around, and they wanted to do everything they could to help her. Despite this, she would still view them as the ones in the wrong. There was no getting through to her, I tried more times than I can count. Maybe I’d be able to get through to her if she was thinking straight, but she was always so drugged out that I rarely got that opportunity.

    I hate to admit it, but I’ve given up on her at this point. She crossed one too many lines. We live in different states now, and I’d be perfectly content if I never saw her again. Over the past year it’s become easier and easier for me to feel that way because of all the pain she has brought to my family. I don’t want to think this way, but I do.

    Anyway, I really do feel for this family. They truly loved supported him to the end, and it’s a beautiful thing. I’m glad that Ben is finally at peace, and I wish all the best to his family.

  5. This documentary was heart wrenching to watch…but very needed in our world of epidemics of this nature. I think addiction touches us all in some way. It saddens me that Ben died while withdrawing..but he’s now free from demons. Sigh….

  6. They need to play this in its entirety in schools in order to show the real, sad and poignant effects of heroin use. This issue should never be sugar coated it. This video will help someone before it's too late.

  7. 10 years I spent on Heroin. 5 years sober now. Honest to God this documentary made me change my life. I will always be grateful for this and hope someone else will change. God bless!

  8. This is one of the most depressing things I have ever watched. Sometimes there isn't a happy ending. One mistake can ruin your whole life as well as your family. Nobody wants to end up like this. Poor guy. Poor family.

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