Do you NEED trip insurance for your Disney Cruise?


Whether you are sailing on the Disney Dream, the Disney Wonder, the Disney Fantasy, or the Disney Magic, you might be asking yourself if you need trip …


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  1. My daughter ruptured her appendix in the middle of a cruise and had to have emergency surgery on Jamaica. Was there a week and had to have a medical flight back to Canada. Final bill? $87 000 USD. We didn’t pay one cent, at any point in time. We got our insurance through CAA. American equivalent would be AAA, I guess. GET AT LEAST MEDICAL INSURANCE.

  2. Believe it or not at 48 I have never been on a cruise! I would love take a Disney cruise. Is July too hot for a cruise? We just got back from Disneworld over 4th of July and the weather and crowds were perfect! I would love a Land & Sea July 2020. What are your thoughts please.

  3. Our Costco Citibank Visa covers everything that we purchase on it, including airfare, hotel and cruise. And they cover everyone in your travel party, even if only one person is the reason you all can't go. As far as medical goes, our insurance will reimburse us for what we spend if something happens.

  4. You missed out on some very good reasons to have travel insurance, as well as misinforming people about types of coverage. The main reason to have travel insurance is for major medical, out of country care & caregiver boarding, and repatriation. If you get hurt or have a major medical even while out of country, there isn't a regular insurance plan on this earth that provides nearly enough coverage to cover these expenses. So far, every cruise that I have taken has had at least one passenger emergency that required a massive amount of money to get them well enough to travel back to their home country.

    As far as staying in a hotel, or flying to your cruise port goes, the cost is mainly based on the total trip cost, NOT because you added a hotel or flight. You need to have travel insurance that covers you portal-to-portal, and not dock-to-dock. Since travel insurance normally comes in increments of whole dollar figures, adding an extra day and a few hundred dollars rarely costs you anything.

    Is Disney Cruise Line travel insurance the best there is? Not at all. It is convenient, but it will not cover flights that you do not book through Disney Travel, nor will it cover a non-Disney hotel stay. It is also a bit lacking in the solid medivac and repatriation expenses.

    Do you need travel insurance? If you can afford to risk hundreds of thousands of dollars, in the event that you have an accident or medical event, then you really don't need to worry. If that would create a serious dent in your pocket book, then travel insurance is a MUST!

  5. I got trip insurance for our Aulani vacation and had to use it due to a back injury that made sitting for a long flight unbearable. Totally worth it! Got our flights, hotel, and luau reimbursed. We rebooked when I was better and it took so much weight off my shoulders.

  6. As someone whose prone to medical emergencies (i.e. chicken pox for my wedding, pancreatitis during a Disney vacation), I'm ALL about trip insurance. Disney makes is easy to click that button and give me peace of mind. One note, you don't have to pay for their trip insurance at the time of booking. You can purchase the insurance any time BEFORE you make your final payment. After that final payment, you will no longer have the option of purchasing their insurance. I found this out the hard way and then did LOTS of praying over my vacation….which is always a good idea, too.

  7. Thank you for the insurance tips. We live in California and every cruise we have taken out of Florida we have not gotten insurance we checked our current policies, credit union card etc…, and we were covered..,everyone thought we were crazy!!

  8. In 2014 my wife's brother had what was supposed to be relatively minor surgery 2 weeks we were scheduled to go on a 7 day cruise on the Fantasy. The "minor" surgery turned into closer to 15 hours and a month in intensive care. We canceled because there was no way my wife, m-i-l and aunt were going on that cruise. Allianz came through for us with a full refund and no hassle.
    I view insurance as just another part of the cost of the cruise.

  9. I just got back from a 5 night cruise on the Disney Dream, and there was a huge problem with Nemo’s Reef. First off, the kids are pushing each other in the line to go down the slide. They need to have a lifeguard to help the children wait their turn and to help them go up the stairs to the slides. I’ve also seen many injuries as well. Kids started slipping, so they need to put down floors that kids won’t slip on. One kid went down the slide and stood at the end of the slide for no reason. Then, bam, his younger sister comes down the slide and makes him slip and fall. They also have to have a height requirement for this area. It would be, if you’re 38”, you can come in, but if you’re 54”, then you’re too tall to come in. They also had something called toddler time where
    toddlers can play with toys. At toddler time, there were only 4 toys there! I can’t imagine what kind of meltdown that would cause. The craziest thing that happened there is when a adult went down the water slide and hit my cousin! He’s only 2 years old! All in all, it’s a great area for younger kids, but Disney does need to watch out for this.

  10. We get trip insurance for every cruise. Sadly, but fortunately, we did have to use it for a Disney cruise in 2017. The night before we were to board, my husband had what was later diagnosed a a TIA. He wasn't acting or thinking right; I did the stroke test (SMILE) and that seemed OK but I wasn't going to mess around. I called 911 and the fire department responded immediately. They did more advanced tests, with inconclusive results and their advice was to transport to the hospital. The Hampton Inn nigh manager also responded. Al this at 10:30pm. Long story short, he ended up spending the night, for observation and to get more tests the next morning. I heard the "when you wish…" horn in the hotel as I left to pick him up from the hospital.

  11. I have an annual travel insurance from Allianz for all my travel over the year. I have the annual executive policy and it covers me and my whole household for about $500 a year. They covered the $200 ear buds I lost on a flight, and I’ll be putting in a $200 expense for missing a flight connection and having to stay overnight in a hotel. Luckily I never needed to use the $10k trip cancelation or $50k emergency health / evacuation coverage. But they have my business year after year!

  12. I always get the trip insurance now. I got sick one year before our cruise and we did not purchase the insurance, but with a Dr's. note sent to Disney Cruise Line we were able to switch our vacation to the next year. We buy it even if we don't use it while we are on vacation. Thanks so much for sharing the different places to buy travel insurance.

  13. The best insurance we have found has been Allianz – the one Ashley mentioned in the video. It is pronounced "ahh-lee-ahnz" – we are more familiar with it here in Minneapolis as it is the name of the new soccer stadium in town. They have been fantastic for us to work with during Hurricane Irma and my mom's hip operation where we had to cancel two trips.

  14. Please…before you cruise check with your insurance company if you are covered while you are on your cruise. I really believe Ashley brushed over the medical reason for insurance and focused too much on cost. Most domestic insurance companies will not extend medical coverage outside of the country. If you get sick and need to see the doctor on the ship or in another country you could be on the hook for a large bill. As Ashley said, check the tiers, opt out on the trip insurance, but consider the medical insurance.

  15. How many times can Ashley say "trip insurance"? 😂😂
    T R A V E L insurance. Love ya Ash💕, but had to stop watching for now. I'll be back as I always do…you give the best tips👍🏻😉

  16. We were on a cruise right before the hurricane hit. Our cruise was cut short by one day. Disney gave us that money back. We were also able to get part of our parking fee back from the port. To me the only reason I would get the trip insurance is just for peace of mind. We’ve never bought it and, happily, we’ve never needed it.

  17. I’ve purchased trip insurance on vacations before – one time was through Travelocity. I’ve found trip insurance to be mostly a waste of money as there is very little they typically cover. If I get sick before a trip and can’t go, you really have to prove that there was no way you could have made the trip. It’s not an easy thing to do as they typically find a way to prove you could have gone. That’s just my experience though-I’ve never purchased insurance through Disney though.

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