DIY KITCHEN MAKEOVER (Renter Friendly) ✨ DIY Backsplash + Wallpaper!

Super excited to be sharing with you my kitchen makeover! When I started planning this makeover, I didn’t think the transformation would that crazy. I wasn’t …


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37 thoughts on “DIY KITCHEN MAKEOVER (Renter Friendly) ✨ DIY Backsplash + Wallpaper!

  1. Great makeover, Drew! I love the arch after you painted it black with the lemon wallpaper. I thought I wouldn't be a fan of the wallpaper, however, the black background with the lemons really made it pop!

  2. I don't know how i came here, probably 'cos the cleaning and decorating videos became my everyday routine..and wow, omg .. it's unique!! I love it! You have a new subscriber 👏👏 Greetings from Germany❤

  3. I love this wallpaper. If I could paint my whole house black I totally would. The only thing I’m craving in this space is more wood. I see it in your decor, but if you have a rough rugged raw wood table, that would just be the coziest space. Such a great video, well done!!

  4. The archway from my living room to dinning room is the exact shape as urs! My house is a Spanish style home built in 1925. It's part of a "track house" build in SLA. I just gave my kitchen a face lift & also installed peel & stick tiles. I used an Aztec print behind my stove & white subway by the sink. Looks great! Friends came over this weekend & had no idea it was peel & stick. 👊🏽

  5. Drew, you are so vibrant and amazing artist…. wish you were my son we would have so much fun. (I have 3 sons and are amazing I also have an artist, but difgerent type of talent). I love watching what you come up with.. how did the back flash held in time considering that the pencil tile has different heights. Also it helps wiping the the dust on the walls and taping the the top while you placed the paper on the wall. Then, slowly removing the peel. Are you in Southern California?, supper cute home.

  6. Very nice result 👍
    However, I see that a rent-friendly makeover apparently means completely different things in different countries. I can not imagine that I am sanding a wall and even less that I paint window frames black in a rental apartment in Stockholm.
    It's a shame, because I'll be moving into a rental apartment soon 🤷🏼‍♀️

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