Democrats unveil impeachment next steps in draft resolution | Power & Politics


Democrats released an impeachment resolution to authorize the next phase of the inquiry into U.S. President Donald Trump. To read more: …


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  1. Yeah he was talking about this Colonel guy being a man of substance and that's sounds like hear say to me does he have any proof of what he's saying and they said that he couldn't be a liar because he was a colonel and they didn't even tell us what he did , I heard he was a spy working in the White House from what I'm hearing and then on top of that isn't Adam s***-faced shiftless supposed to be a man of substance the guy that's running this piece of s*** investigation and isn't he a proven liar don't we all know that he's a liar , they have lost my trust and even worse for them my vote I will talk and do everything I can to persuade people to see the truth this makes me sick

  2. I'm a lifelong Democrat that's voting for President Trump in 2020 . Because I haven't seen for the last several years during the Obama era ministration the Democrats have not done anything to help United States they're all globalist they all want to make money off China and they don't want to do the right thing for the American people I see that and neither are a lot of other Democrats and now with all this that they're doing it just really turns my stomach to see all this this gentleman here was lying about the Senate some of them were wavering on the Republican side that was a lie . I heard it myself on television they were all on Trump side when I see someone lying in the video I just turned it off there's so much lying going on with CNN MSNBC CBS , if these people that lie on television never say a word about what the Democrats are doing to help America are talking about the trade deals with Canada and Mexico and China they're not doing their job they're biased they're lying because they can't find anything that they've done their being destructive hurting our country😔

  3. who was that beta soyboy? OMG… this is what passes for a man now? No wonder we are going extinct. Oh wait…he is EXACTLY what feminists have been trying to build and now they have it. I wouldn't have given this dweeb the time of day when I was dating.

  4. Trump is the first U.S. President to take on the Deep State since J.F.K. They're trying to remove him outside of democratic methods with the partnership of their puppets in the Mainstream media. Trump and the white hats in the military who recruited him anticipated this long in advance, and he will prevail.

  5. A good summary here – Republicans are trying to paint this process – something that follows the rules – as unfair to them even though a substantial number of Republicans are on the committees hearing evidence now. A number of prominent Republicans- including Liz Cheney – have spoken harshly about the attacks on Viman’s character

  6. FFS this as been going on for ages , go to real news and IF it ever happens then send in your hounds , what a waste . You have zero credbilety CBC , cover real news like Canadian things, or some UK Aussy, EU , Middle east , dig for stuff that is news not 2 year old talking

  7. As Canada now has become also, Remember this ,A divided People in A country ,USA IM TALKING ABOUT U ,an easy country to take over by Russia China other larger entities and what they are becoming a divided people against itself is a dead country. Goodluck USA & Canada,UK