Deepak Chopra Backs Marianne Williamson But Says Country's Too Messed Up | TMZ


Deepak Chopra says Marianne Williamson has all the qualities you should look for in a leader … and that’s why her Presidential bid doesn’t stand a chance.


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  1. I love that Deepak 'endorsed' Marianne Williamson here but am very disappointed that he mentioned that he thinks the world isn't ready for her as THIS may encode in people's minds the doubt and stop them from voting for her… Why don't just say: Marianne Williamson is authentic, doesn't want to please the voter, etc… and IT'S HIGH TIME WE RISE UP AND VOTE FOR HER AND CAUSE THE REAL CHANGE….!!!?

  2. He knows the truth about MW….The US is certainly too f-ed up to understand her real message. They try to compare her to trump who is the exact opposite as Marianne. Go MW2020!

  3. This is actually scary… For someone who is all about conscious awakening to be this pessimistic… It's been 'right now' for a long, long time. How much darker does it need to get for us to wake up and avoid self destruction..

  4. The second she called depression a scam I was done listening to her. People dying everyday because of depression and she says it's a scam. When asked why she said it she said she was trying to impress Russell Brandt on his Podcast. She apologized but sorry she only apologized months later because she was confronted. We already have a President that says things that are offensive and I won't vote for another person who says disrespectful things like that. My sister is one of those victims and so yeah it's not a scam

  5. Yes please, I would be thrilled to have such an eloquent and authentic woman in charge. She’s everything that makes an excellent leader – open, thoughtful, discerning, and compassionate. She’s decisive yet flexible enough to change her mind when she’s made aware of new information. I could go on…she’s fantastic.
    Let’s start a new narrative about how much we think she could win!

  6. Cruel comments are Trump's style. Lets not call people names or make fun of them because they are different. It is an honor for ANYONE to say someone has a good heart. Make sure people say the same about you

  7. of course this guy would endorse her 😂
    I think his endorsement will be a liability for her, she’s gonna have to make some tough decisions about who her friends are if she’s really serious about her campaign

  8. He's right. This country is too evil to elect her. Anybody that goes against the grain and actually tries to change a country will be laughed at and made to seem wacky in order to delegitimize them.

  9. Let this sink in…. Congress just approved reparations for the LBGQT community but still refuse to approve reparations for foundational Black American descendents of slaves.
    America has paid reparations to other groups such as native Americans, Japanese Americans, Italian immigrants ( a little known fact)…. And even to former american slave owners after the civil war.
    But refuses to settle their debt to the group that they have harmed the most , the harshest and the longest ( American descendants of slaves) ADOS.
    Marianne Williamson is the most honest candidate on the ticket between both parties period.
    But like this dude said she don't have a real chance to win simply because America is too corrupt and (racist) for such an honest candidate to win.
    And for all you racist whites that's gonna come in my comment section and say slavery was a long time ago so get over it… Tell that to the Jewish community about the Holocaust… Or the descendents of pearl Harbor…. Or the descendents of 911 … Or even the native Americans for their near genocide from your ancestors.

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