Credit Card Wishlist for Chase & Amex | 12 Things I’d Like to See Changed or Improved!

We review 12 things that we want to see changed or improved in both the Chase Ultimate Rewards and American Express Membership Rewards program.


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Credit Card Wishlist for Chase & Amex | 12 Things I’d Like to See Changed or Improved!

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  1. Great video.. so for me..I just signed up for the Chase ink biz preferred..and I hit the 5k very fast however had to wait for the billing period to end to be able to access those points. Yet on Amex, as soon as you hit the minimum spend, the bonus points are available. This is my first chase card so I dont know if that's the case with all of their cards.

  2. The travel category with Citi is the best. It even includes gas.
    3x on all travel, including gas, is awesome. I have a truck for my business, so I am dropping $60-75 on gas each fill up.
    My main card rotation is Citi Premier, Ink Cash (for Home Depot gift cards at Office Depot), Ink Preferred, AmEx Gold and Hilton Aspire.

  3. Your #6 improvements for both the Chase and the Amex: spot on. If Chase were to remove all of their crazy rules, and if Amex were to scrap that "once in a lifetime" rule, the world would be a better place 😉

  4. Is there a credit card that will allow you to transfer rewards points to other people, like family members? I don't have time to travel, but I'd like to give the points to my mom so that she can travel. What's the best card or card company to do that with?

  5. Hi Trip Astute yeah I agree that the Green, Gold are the original travel cards but back then that is all cards were accepted
    renting cars, staying in hotels booking an airline ticket and dining out. I agree with the Gold card there should be a category of 3x on dining and travel and 1 point on all other purchases which would count grocery stores
    3x made directly to airlines is limited your 100% correct.

    What do you think about the united lounges the way they are now? the photos is this video are extremely nice like the scene of the Alaska lounge , that warm weather Chase bank picture, Delta sky miles with numbers and rules, explore your next destination, people walking up the steps of those rocks , those hotels you picked the right ones

    Now i'm sure you know the reason why the restaurant is 4x only in the US i'm sure? if not let me know?

    as far as open credit cards( I go by what my credit report says not what American express has to say so i'm not calling them charge cards i'm calling them open credit cards) but this would be good time for you to call American Express and bring this up with them that that you feel that there should be 1 card directed just for travel and have a travel bonus category of 2x on dining and travel and maybe 10 on bookings .com the green card would be perfect?

    Banks no longer look at the color of the card whether a card is grey, gold or platinum to them it doesn't mean a thing.
    to American Express platinum is always higher than gold and gold is higher than green but if you ask yourself does that matter or the points + plus the perks? could you make a card pink give 4x on dining 2x on entertainment 0 foreign transaction fees and no annual fee or foreign trans action fees then make a black or platinum card 2x on dining and entertainment charge a 3% foreign transaction fee and have a 95.00 annual fee which card is a higher level which is better? Banks don't care but American Express does. that's why the Green card is the lowest level and the platinum is the highest level?

    as far as downgrading a open card to a no annual fee that can't happen banks/finincinal company's only make money one way either by an interest rate or an annual fee I would think it would be fair if the Green card could down grade to the everyday basic but if you want a no annual fee and no interest open card like a Bronze how would American Express make any money?

    I know what your saying that you have the Venture1 card and your not paying an interest rate or an annual fee and your correct i'm not paying an annual fee or an interest rate but i'm only getting 1.25 miles not 2 miles
    you know all the differences on the downgraded card the card with the fee. so you can't have a open credit card with no interest rate and no annual fee. But I think the green should down grade to another membership rewards card like the Every day basic ?

  6. Nice comparison–thank you!! A question about double-dipping via Amex offers. When I redeem an offer through the Amex site for extra MR points, do I understand correctly that when I access the vendor's site–let's say, Crate & Barrel, for example–and then United's or American's shopping portal offers pop up, I can then click on one of them and STILL earn the MR through Amex? That's happened to me, and I've never clicked through for fear that that will "disconnect" me from the AMEX offer.

  7. Can you recommend a credit card comparison website for the best card tailored for a persons spending / perks needs? Thanks, Great channel.

  8. Chase = Dining, rental car insurance, and international travelers.

    Amex = Groceries, road gas guzzlers, and domestic lounge lovers.

    Citi = Dinning, entertainment, and international travel.

  9. For Amex I would like to convert cash back to MR points. In a similar fashion how cash back from the Chase Freedom can be turned to UR points.

  10. Which is the website link to talk to you, please, looking in the reference you said and nothing appears to wat to have a phone call with you, as you promise. Thx Xabier

  11. I am an American Express card user and I think the airline fee credit should be changed to a broader travel credit like the CSR. They also need travel protections for people that do value that benefit. Like you said the branding of the American Express image as a travel company, they dont align that with their cards as much as one would think. Keep up the great content Ernest. I enjoy your smooth videos.

  12. Do a review on Diners Club. The cards issued by BMO Harris have transferable points. No one really discusses Diners Club program.

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