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  1. You cannot beat the fact that right down to your mitochondrial cells, you can tell whether someone is male or female. And you cannot have surgery on that.

    You can have surgery and make fake breasts and vaginas, yet when you take a closer look at that surgically made hole or breast. It doesn't lead to a cervix and a womb. Fallopian tubes or have proper breast tissue that grows and decreases with hormones produced in the pituitary gland as per gender. Male and female. So science doesn't lie, even if you have the best surgeon in the world.

  2. At least Holly doesn't want to be one of those stereotypical popular girl Lol.Also Holly is still going to be man in the bones there's no fixing bone structure. Also I don't get y men want to be girls like seriously us girls have go through so many different things such as pregnancy, periods, birth and producing milk through the boobs for babies.

  3. It takes a lot of courage and hard work to accomplish your dreams and I'm glad it all came together in the end ! Props also to the counselor who opposed her . It was good that he was willing to at least listen and express sympathy and not showing up to vote was the best kindness he was able to give her .

  4. I am Muslim so in our religion we don't believe in this but wow she really made a difference in the town she lives in that was nice to see people coming out and they are not afraid you should be happy who you are no matter what if others accept you or not no one should take there own life or being treated badly because they are different 🌈

  5. Why would someone burn a house down,cause they dont like what they see? My teacher was racist & broke my back when i was a child, cause she didnt like what she "saw". I still will never understand why people focus on hate so much! He is lucky to have a family like that ! Thats a bless!

  6. There are so many negative comments on this video 🙁 most of which seem to from religious people … Religion and money are the two big evils in this world and never causes any good many wars, many death and many issues are caused because of religion … What happened to love the neighbour huh?

  7. My parents used to tell me first that no one is better than me. Then they’d follow it up with reminding me that I’m no better than anyone else. I have always treated others with love and respect. My niece is transgender and my dad is not accepting of it. It shouldn’t be that way. So glad Holly has some good supportive family behind her.

  8. Loving beautiful parents, bless you Holly. Love is love♡♡♡♡
    As long as people are happy and love whats the problem ??? ♡♡♡♡ go holly♡♡♡♡

  9. I love the turnout at the end, congratulations to Holly and everyone involved in putting it all together! I can help but think about all the progress that's been made, even just in the last decade…it makes me cry, in a good way lol

  10. all jokes aside. you can not play Female football if you have been through Gender transition. the testosterone and strength difference in men and women makes hella unfair game for the rest of the other players…
    don't @ me it's a fact and backed by major Olympic Advisers…

  11. Super woman you are a hero and if you’re Brother can’t except you then he does not deserve to have such a sweet and beautiful sister ! I’m so glad you didn’t take your life you’re a hero to people like me and yourself and I wish I could talk to you in real life!

  12. As someone who is trans I'm open too questions and I love informing people and I hope you know your loved, beautiful, kind and absolutely fantastic. Have a happy pride month and remember black LGBTQ lives matter cos some people forget that. You are accepted by me.

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