CNN poll: Most Democrats want Joe Biden in 2020

More than six in 10 Democratic and Democratic-leaning voters say former Vice President Joe Biden should make a run for president, according to a new CNN …


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CNN poll: Most Democrats want Joe Biden in 2020

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  1. Before you leave YouTube please visit:   "Creepy Joe Biden" by Paul Watson….  and see what you think.   You might change your mind about him. Joe likes little girls….he likes touching them (until they pull away or look terrified)…smelling them….groping them!!    This guy is a freak.  If you would vote him in as President….would you allow your daughter a sleep over at the White House???  HaHa!         I did not think so.      Donald Wick 2020

  2. Dafuq is wrong with the US why are these old senil fucks seen as the People who should rule the US? Soon they cant even take care of themselves.

  3. It's all so "Art of War" the way male-supremacists/patriarchy/sexists don't see or hear the women. Biden disqualified himself when he chose supremacy over equality via his abuse of Anita Hill. ANY Equalist man knows it is his duty right now to follow, to support and to promote Equalist women.

  4. As a moderate, Biden would be the only Dem in the field I would consider voting for at this point. He misspeaks but the man is honest and has integrity.

  5. Jake Tapper with the fake news. President Trump will be the oldest major party nominee to run for president in US history (74 in 2020), so to exploit this the best idea is to run someone 2 years older than Trump? My gawd the FAKE is strong here.

  6. Joe Biden is a very nice guy but he has been and still is too much of a party to the nation slipping away from the intent to which the Founders set forth via government in Declaration of Independence of July 4, 1776:

    Short of smashing themselves into extinction, down through human existence various forms of governance have essentially meshed together the dependent interactions of humans gathered surviving in close proximity. This still so, beyond some hermit or hermitress that somehow may have departed to exist totally alone until solo death—who knows. In the absence of overall government of people rubbing shoulders, slapping backs and getting in each other’s faces, chaos ensues and the essentials of life do not mesh in the adequate production and distribution of the basics of life: food, clothing, shelter and enough rest and leisure to keep going at a level that makes it worthwhile to do so.

    To wit, in cultures that function in avoidance of falling apart or exploding asunder, government is in the hands of something or someone—be it variously in our own history in the grip of King George III, or on into the hands of WE THE PEOPLE as our nation’s Founders would have it in 1776. And the Founder-preferred grasp of governing power was four-score-and-seven-years later treasonously rent apart and left in need of being again defined and glued back together in Union by Republican President Abe Lincoln (the first one of that party). Lincoln led the Union in assurance that “government of the people, by the people and for the people, shall not perish form the Earth.”

    The governing power within our land has over more recent years been slowly pilfered away by greedy fingers of the same kind of hoarders of wealth as those of the antebellum masters of the plantation South that insisted that God entitled them to own some humans as slaves (their Southern Baptists Bible even told them how they were empowered to govern down upon them), and these on high were also destined to look down on others as white trash—like King George III, they too had been destined by God to sit high on the hogged throne of governance.

    Today, the same kind of hoarders of wealth hold governing sway and along with Trump’s swagger they do so by spreading faith in their not-too-old-time religion—called capitalism that via governing power repeatedly gets propped up, bailed out, profit protected by the red blood and green loot expended on ever more war, and kept fat and sassy on tax breaks and business perks extended by the best politicians that money can buy. This much become the Zeitgeist of our times that one’s ear is morning bent to National Public Radio reporting on the up and down fluctuation of the Ponzi scam wagering the fading light on “All in the Family”—ah, those were the days of our progressively dysfunctional one:

    Boy the way Glenn Miller played

    Songs that made the Hit Parade.

    Guys like us we had it made,

    Those were the days.

    And you knew who you were then,

    Girls were girls and men were men,

    Mister we could use a man

    Like Herbert Hoover again.

    Didn't need no welfare state,

    Everybody pulled his weight.

    Gee our old LaSalle ran great.

    Those were the days.

  7. I AM TIRED OF THIS BS about Democrats can't go too far left but Republicans can go so far to the right white nationalists think they have a friend in the White House. I don't care who is the nominee as long as the agenda gets carried out. LOOK DEMOCRATS lets not let the Right influence OUR primary.

  8. I love Biden, he is a good man. But, he sometimes says off the wall things and after having a childish, bigoted, sexist, pathological liar and braggart in the Oval Office I would prefer someone who is 100% professional, presidential, and who doesn't make odd, out of place comments now and again. I'm looking more toward Booker or Kamala Harris.

  9. Most Democrats want Bernie, you just list the elite polls, we don't want another corporate corrupt fool like Biden, Harris or Booker. We want Bernie, look at the real polls you lying talking head!

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