31 thoughts on “Clover Health responds to critical report from Hindenburg Research

  1. Anyone could have Googled the management of Clover Health before it went public. The management has been in legal trouble before. CNBC you have some responsibility to at least report on the companies promoted by spacs. Clearly Chamath is a used car salesman. Looks like a great deal till you drive it off the lot.

  2. This makes no sense how CNBC and the public is outraged. Everyone can sell now without losing a dime since the stock hasn't gone down much. Additionally, I'm sure most big pharma companies are subject to investigation or clarification. Questions from the SEC don't mean that the company is in trouble. This framing from CNBC is so biased. Can't rely on CNBC until they start investigating Wall Street but they won't. Joke.

  3. Well… I have to agree with the woman, Medicare is their biggest payor, I think a government investigation is 100% material. Additionally, Chammath has not disputed any of the claims materially. Idk if people have actually read the full report but that investigation is only the tip of the iceberg. I get it people like this guy but I’m going to be honest, he is guilty until proven innocent in my mind and I wouldn’t touch his SPAC with a ten foot pole. Only SPAC I’m in is with the real winner, BA.

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