Citizen ‘Trumpzilla’ Losing Power As Republicans Say His PAC Makes No Sense

Politico has published a new report detailing how Donald Trump is now “adrift in political exile” and “far from the political godzilla” some Republicans were …


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19 thoughts on “Citizen ‘Trumpzilla’ Losing Power As Republicans Say His PAC Makes No Sense

  1. Ya I wouldn't believe much of what you hear on msnbc. Just a leftist propaganda channel. They have a terrible record for lieing and one sided commentary. Real journalists don't invoke their opinion. It's a blemish to journalists the world over.

  2. How can that police officer confuse her taser for her hand gun after 26 yrs. Of experience. She knew what she was doing because she had enough time to notice the color difference between weapons, she is a murderer

  3. None of the s**t, he did the whole while he was president, made any Sense, the only thing he did with his incompetent self,were to enhance the rich to get richer,by dropping their taxes, by lowering them,to really helping hisself.

  4. His pac makes no sense??

    Are they kidding, it makes perfect sense! His pac is set up to do one thing…grift as much money from republican supporters as possible. Trump isn’t running in 2024.
    He won’t risk spending hundreds of millions of his hard earned grifted dollars on a campaign he would surely lose.

  5. This narrative of THE FAKE NEWS MEDIA of trying to divide the Republicans with their lies and accusations is not working.
    They been running the same scam for over 4 years, and it’s getting pretty old.

  6. He's probably quiet because he thinks he knows he's probably going to go to jail as he don't go to jail for what he's done then he's above the law I have the people in this country find out he's above the law watch out you're going to have a war in your hands that you ain't never seen before in your life

  7. Trump is coming out with a book… likely BOLD AND IN ALL CAPS if he actually wrote it. It would be hilarious to see anything he tried to write. The editor would need a team of elementary school teachers for the first phases of editing.

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