Charter vs. Public Schools And The Kids In The Middle | VICE on HBO (Bonus)

School choice is an education reform movement that promotes alternatives to traditional public schools in the form of charter schools and voucher programs.


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Charter vs. Public Schools And The Kids In The Middle | VICE on HBO (Bonus)

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  1. VICE correspondent Gianna Toboni traveled to DeVos' home state of Michigan to see school choice in action and to understand what the future of public education might look like. See it Friday at 7:30 PM and 11 PM EDT on HBO.
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  2. Whats funny is the school featured in the video is that I attend there and yeah its a charter school, but it’s free. All you need to do is apply and it is a lottery system in how people get picked. So the aviation academy is extremely diverse. Additionally, a lot of people (including myself) come from poverty, but the school staff are really nice people and so are thr fellow classmates. Subsequently, our teachers are relentless and would literally give their lives in order to get you to where you want to be. This school is not about money, its about creating identities, and creating character.

  3. The majority of public schools and school districts are failure factories. The money, our tax dollars, is wasted predominately on overpaid administrative costs at the district level and those funds do not filter to the classroom. District superintendents making multiple six figure salaries and teachers buying school supplies. Yes, charters use public funds but those funds go directly to the school
    And to the classroom not the district office building,
    No district superintendent salary, no state department of education. Those public funds, the tax dollars we ALL PAY go directly to our children. And the stats do not lie charter schools do out perform public schools and the real question that needs to be asked is why the public school administrations are so threatened by parents having school choice? It's your children, not the states.

  4. I'm a public school teacher. Charters have smaller class sizes. More control over discipline issues. In Texas many are run by faith-based organizations like churches or Islamic institutions so they feel like a private school. If you live in the hood they are a great choice but the public schools in the burbs are better.

  5. I like Finlands education system. Every school is the same so you go to the closest one to where you live. Pretty sure they don't even have private schools because everyone gets the same education, rich or poor. Went from one of the worst education systems to the best in the world.

  6. Charters do not perform any better, they are essentially unregulated and many suck resources away from public schools. Education shouldn't be run like a business.

  7. Notice how he did not answer the question he just put in on parents saying “they THINK charter schools are better for their children” so basically it’s all bull shit. And he looks evil af

  8. The reason the public schools are bad is because of wild children who don’t know how to act or want to learn. The reason for that is poor parenting.

  9. Charter schools drastically outperform public schools in some states, and similarly under perform in other states. I personally see no reason that the public school system cannot learn from the blatantly successful ones and then under cut the reason for charter schools existing in the first place. As regardless of whether one considers charter schools better or worse than public ones, this charter phenomenon only exists due to the current public school system being considered mediocre or a failure in most regions of the US.

  10. I have gone to charter, public, private, homeschool, online, every kind of school I could think of, and going to a charter school was the absolute worst, I was set back MULTIPLE years, and the first year I went to a different school, I was embarrassed by how little I knew, I was always a bright kid; I was in a gifted program in 3rd grade, I was barely above that when I entered 7th. The only things I learned at the charter school was how to knit, sew, and draw with charcoal.
    Some of my fellow classmates are so underdeveloped academically that they fail at regular high schools, and resort back to more charter schools as they barely know simple math or how to write a paragraph. I have seen my brother's and sister's friends struggle as they enter the real world and college, as they have been deprived of skills that you need to either live with or to build a career with.

  11. I teach at a charter school. Our students don’t wear uniforms and we don’t even have a dress code because the school wants to encourage individuality. Our students have higher SAT and state test scores than the nearby district schools. I know test scores aren’t everything, but as a teacher I do think they have some value. My state has some of the worst funding for public education in the country, but every year our school has students who gain acceptance to amazing schools like Harvard, Princeton, and Stanford. That doesn’t happen often in the public schools here. We create opportunities for kids in our community that might not exist otherwise. I’m not saying that all charter schools are like this because I know that’s not true. I also don’t want to belittle the experience of the woman in this video because having no public school option doesn’t leave her with much choice. However, I think news outlets need to expand the approach they take to looking at charter schools. I wish the would present the good and bad, the positives and the negatives. Everything I read or watch lately is one-sided.

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