Chaos in New York City Polls: Brooklyn Poll Worker Caught Committing Probable Voter Fraud Felony

In this video, undercover videographers expose voter fraud and corruption on New York’s primary day. In the video, an election official most likely commits a …


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Chaos in New York City Polls: Brooklyn Poll Worker Caught Committing Probable Voter Fraud Felony

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  1. The albeit confused pollworker offered affidavit (provisional) ballots to those who wanted to vote. Affidavit ballots are not tallied (ie, processed) until the voter is validated as legally entitled to vote. No fraud involved.

  2. This is why no one would turn over their voting machines/registration/processes at the request of POTUS last year. Makes you wonder how many states really would have won had there been no voter fraud. Disgusting. Makes me furious. My vote doesn't count because for every one of me the Dems have 50 fraudulent ones to negate it.

  3. I have seen so many hidden camera videos of voter fraud four people voting for Hillary. It is ridiculous. It is a miracle Trump got elected despite the fraud!!!

  4. AMERICA FIRST: The same voting process that elected Barack Obama president also elected Donald J. TRUMP president. TRUMP is Americas’ choice for President and he was inaugurated President on Jan. 20, 2017. America and the world have accepted this. In four years TRUMP will be replaced, if America isn’t satisfied with him. This is how it works in the free world. The alternative to a free world is much worst!

    TRUMP is “The Real Deal”. TRUMP tweets it like it is. TRUMP takes ELITIST out of being Presidential! Corrupt Elitist Politicians, Celebrities and Media attack TRUMP, but don’t mind making fortunes doing so! Corrupt Elitist Politicians and Media earn TRUMP’s retorts! Get over yourself! There are no sacred cows! Elitists who can’t accept defeat, don’t get it, and never will, expose their superiority complex for all to see!

    President TRUMP works, with Ryan and colleagues, striving to replace crippled and failing Obamacare! Corrupt DNC ordered their elected members to always reject Repeal and Replace! Their hands are tied! To every elected member of our government, your first priority is America, not yourself and not your party! American voters will punish DNC Democrats and the GOP Freedom Caucus, for not working for Replace!

    Most Media fails at telling the news and nothing but the news! Media innuendos are todays Fake News! Endless flawed fake polls and statistics, proven useless repeatedly, are now worthless junk to Americans! Real News: Corrupt Media won’t cover: Investigation of the Corrupt DNC Party “Et Al”: Crime: Treason! The DNC party’s ‘Deep State Conspiracy’; Impeach TRUMP and Overthrow our American Government! Obama shadows TRUMP around the world discrediting him. Logan Act: Obama investigated for treason! Today’s seditious judicial branch of government conspires with the corrupt DNC party to obstruct TRUMP!

    America wastes time on Russian but Obama didn’t care! All while North Korea perfects their ICB missiles! America led a 70 year hate marathon opposing Russia! Is our hatred too great to never ever get past this! Fake Failed Investigations Cost America Economically and Morally both Domestically and Internationally! Americans are demanding an end to Fake Investigations of TRUMP’s Russian Collusion and Obstruction! Americans are demanding a full accounting of wasted efforts, costs and time on these fake investigations!

    TRUMP, the Attorney General and Patriots have been investigating American Sedition for many months! This “Real News” Investigation is currently uncovering the Corrupt DNC, their “Deep State”, and Others! Soon thousands of American Traitors will be charged, prosecuted, convicted and imprisoned for Treason! These Treason Charges will be the largest investigation in American history. Thousands will be convicted!

    The Deep State Fake News Media is destroying America, and as such, Sedition Charges are warranted! Corrupt Media and million dollar reporters are all about money and selling. They know Fake News sells! Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will soon strip Seditious Medias of their broadcast license! Finally America is getting tough with our Home Grown Traitors and Terrorists! They’ve earned our wrath! After American Traitors are prosecuted and convicted, I will cease and desist. Not likely any time soon!

    It won’t be “business as usual” in Washington. President TRUMP is draining Washington of many traitors! Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) and AG Regulatory Rules are being violated by many agents! Obama’s leftover staff should all worry! Many Leakers will be uncovered, fired and charged with treason! Seditious contractors and staff will be charged prosecuted, convicted, imprisoned and their assets seized!

    Corrupt DNC and Obama’s 2nd failure was a fake Russian investigation! Their agenda, Impeach TRUMP! The FBI and the NSA never had access to DNC servers. Their only evidence was provided by a 3rd party! Russia’s influence in America’s election happened on Obama’s watch Obama did nothing to stop Russia! Why! Politicians, Celebrities and fake news Media insisted “TRUMP will never be president”. A Big Oops! Russia and WikiLeaks hacked Clinton but failed to infiltrate TRUMP. That’s all this investigation will find!

    Americans agree, Comey had a greater negative impact on the American Election than Russia ever had! Had TRUMP not fired Comey, he would’ve never said “TRUMP hoped I soon end the Flynn Investigation”! TRUMP’s tweet “He better hope there are no tapes” was his effort to persuade Comey to keep it honest! Comey admitted his Leak was a scheme to impeach TRUMP! This revealed Comey’s seditious intentions! TRUMP will be cleared of all charges of obstruction however Comey will soon be facing Sedition charges!

    The Corrupt DNC party, Clinton and Elitist Soros have and now fund riots, protests and seditious revolts! Corrupt DNC party’s’ seditious plans are leading to civil unrest, riots, deaths, and, if not checked, civil war! Corrupt DNC party, angry with employee Seth Rich for leaking, are now being investigated for his murder! Bernie Sanders DNC volunteer and American traitor Hodgkinson failed to assassinate Steve Scalise (R)! America’s history is foreboding! If seditious Americans can’t impeach TRUMP, then what, Assassination!

    President TRUMP’s perseverance in governing while enduring many seditious investigations is Patriotic! TRUMP took America out of Paris Climate Change Accord! He’ll renegotiate an America 1st, better deal! FYI: The world did not end. The sun rose! Better deal, or not, America beats most at climate solutions! President TRUMP fights for every American Family from every cultural background. He won’t let us down.

    President TRUMP visited Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Israel etc. for all of us. Its time all of us support TRUMP! President TRUMP will take steps he must to protect and defend American interests at home and abroad! TRUMP statements on behalf of Americans to allies, are what they must hear, not what they want to hear! Europe will continue to be inundated with terror attacks. This is due to their refugee immigration choices! America’s responsibility for funding and policing the entire world is over. Other countries can now step up!

    TRUMP brand name represents immense value to the TRUMP family. They’ve spent decades nurturing it. TRUMP‘s family have every right to continue working and building their legacy for their families futures. TRUMP businesses will logically benefit because he is President. American Voters accepted this fact! TRUMP’s taxes are a non-issue for voters. The IRS will insure TRUMP pays what he must. Get over it!

    TRUMP, Pence, and their families, are constitutionally protected from business conflict of interest issues! This is the law. American voters accepted this as fact. Every politician must accept this reality as factual! The government, in concert with President TRUMP and his family, will insure appropriate steps are taken. TRUMP has no obligation to address any questions pertaining to his Conflict of Interest. There are none!

    TRUMP transcended both Democratic and Republican Parties and all their Corrupt Establishment Elitists. The election wasn’t won by the “Anybody but Trump” GOP party. TRUMP won, in spite of the GOP party. The choice wasn’t TRUMP vs Clinton. The choice was between the corrupt DNC party and America 1st. This election was a David vs Goliath marathon. TRUMP spent millions vs the Corrupt DNC spent billions. Mark Twain was quoted “We have the best government that money can buy”. America voted to end that!

    Clinton had a meltdown drunken stupor when TRUMP won. That night she showed her presidential value. The DNC and Clinton’s day late insincere concession speech confirmed they’ll never accept their defeat. Sanctuary Cities, Counties and States supporting seditious riots, protests and revolts will face charges! Corrupt DNC’s controlled Media were ordered to maintain their Seditious “Fake News” views of TRUMP!

    Obama’s lawyer, Alexandra Hill, admitted Obama’s birth certificate was a forgery! MEDIA as always MIA! Obama became a felon by providing his forged birth certificate to the government MEDIA as always MIA! Obama, a president on an American paid pension, now conspires to destroy the country that elected him!

    Obama, on live camera, begged illegal immigrants “You can vote and don’t worry you won’t get caught”! Get rid of illegal votes from Sanctuary Cities, Counties, and States, then Clinton loses the “Popular Vote“. The corrupt MEDIA refuses to cover or talk about the DNC party and Obama’s Voter Fraud Participation! The corrupt DNC party doesn’t own the African American, Hispanic and Minority vote and they never will!

    American governments, for the past thirty years, used their IRS powers to audit and investigate TRUMP! The corrupt DNC government spent eight years covertly investigating TRUMP. Doubtlessly, many times! President TRUMP also fights the new, hidden, fourth branch of government, “The Shadow Government”!

    During Obama’s Corrupt DNC Presidency, for up to a year before TRUMP took office, electronic surveillance of then candidate Trump, was actively being pursued. Susan Rice, former national security adviser under President Obama, was ordered to unmask the names of Trump transition officials. The names were part of electronic surveillance of Trump and people close to him, including family members.

    These unmasked names were sent to various Obama nominated directors of various agencies within the National Security Council, Defense Department, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, CIA Director John Brennan, and then Rice Deputy Ben Rhodes. This list of nominees is woefully incomplete. The corrupt DNC party and Obama attempted to cover their tracks by ordering Rice lie when she said she knew nothing about any electronic surveillance of Trump! Sedition and Treason are all the DNC can offer!

  5. Trump was right all along. America's leaders in government are all dummies and incompetent. The mess won't be fixed anytime soon but at least President Trump will continue to speak his mind about the matter.

  6. Final vote numbers of interest: California- Clinton 8,500,000; Trump 4,400,000—- New York – Clinton 4,000,000—Trump 2,400,000. So Clinton is claiming that she won the popular vote by almost 2,000,000 votes. Clinton seems to have won by 5,700,000 in just 2 states, but lost by 3,700,000 in the other 48 states.

    Considering the number of voting frauds in NY and CA, is is very possible that Trump actually did win the popular vote. lol

  7. These people should be arrested and charged with voter fraud for allowing people who are NOT registered to vote in the wrong district etc. It should be a felony BTW.

  8. Notice that they are all women. Even on many of the other voting fraud utubes I noticed its all women carrying out this fraud. I guess they will say I am a misogynist for stating the obvious. Nothing about the outright fraud just attack the boy who called out the kings got no clothes.

  9. what if they're just emplpoyees just like anyone else any where.. they dont seem to be too aware in politics looks like a bunch of school moms volunteering

  10. i am god damn sick of this fucking bullshit,every comitiy i ever see fucking anywhere,all fucking females every god damn last of them.not a single man

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