Celeb News | Kevin Hart's 'Zero F's Given' Is The Worst Netflix Show Ever!

Kevin Hart’s show ‘Zero F’s Given’ is the worst Netflix show ever. Kevin Hart is not funny at all, so I had to take time out and talk about how terrible he is as a …


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47 thoughts on “Celeb News | Kevin Hart's 'Zero F's Given' Is The Worst Netflix Show Ever!

  1. I have never thought of him as being funny,I watch his other stuff and I didn't have any laughs,he got lucky and became a comedian,katt williams is much funnier,I know some unknown comedians that's better than him. Kevin hart is not funny

  2. 2:45 …FINISH HIM, Jaded!!!
    KH is an self-centered, knee-high a-hole! He left people to die last year, he threw his best friend under the bus and worst of all, he cheated on his first wife with his now-second wife! She found out that she didn't win anything worth being married to, especially since he cheated on her during birthday-wedding anniversary, while being 8 months pregnant with their odd-looking son! Now, she follows him around so he doesn't cheat again. Talk about having the audacity to think he'd respect her!! Ok, I'm done…I just don't like dude anymore!

  3. I stopped liking Kevin years ago, I have no respect for someone who makes money off of hurting people mostly their ex-wife. All his stupid jokes have been around cheating. No one cares! I think it was Kat or David that said once you put on a dress in Hollywood and your not gay your whole career is over. Look at Kevin now………………… oh and Kevin trying to back up Ellen too, please that is what happens when you support stupidity.

  4. Hot damn!!! I said this the whole time about his unfunny career. He could have been the black guy on FRIENDS with how unfunny he has been. I SAID WHAT I SAID!!! FRIENDS was trash and Hart comedy is subpar! Schumer for the win! Excellent comedic timing my friend! Give the clinic!

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