CBS News poll: Joe Biden leads as top choice in the Democratic nomination

Democratic candidates are continuing their push in South Carolina at the state party convention and Planned Parenthood forum. According to the latest CBS …


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CBS News poll: Joe Biden leads as top choice in the Democratic nomination

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  1. Corporate news polls designed to influence voters. What questions and who could they possibly ask to get Sniffy Joe the Corporate owned Lobby Ho as leading in the polls. CBS, Joseph Goebbels contribution to society.

  2. There's the Rope-A-Dope again, by making it a contest supporters will throw money at his competition out of spite, which they will turn over to the DNC and fall in line to endorse Biden after the fake primary election. They are all in the game together. :-/

  3. How many of you bitching about the dnc/msm monsters already choosing their candidate supported Jared Beck in his lawsuit against the DNC? Beck was left to fight the battle in a somewhat lone wolf capacity. Perhaps if he would have had more support y'all wouldn't have this uphill battle against establishment goons, AGAIN.

  4. No. If this is who the DNC wants, then we need to re-work the DNC.

    Step down, Joe! You are not what the country needs or wants. Be a true patriot and sit the heck down!

    Come on DNC! Didn’t you learn ANYTHING from 2016? I do not want to hear ANOTHER Bernie consolation speech at the freaking convention.

    Warren/Sanders or
    Sanders/Warren 2020!

  5. As Gore pushed global warming, which didn't work but now the DNC is pushing for climate change…aka, global warming, ozone depletion, some of you remember Democrat Pres. Jimmy Carter telling you on TV that there's no more oil…..that was 50 years ago!!! they are still pumping it out of the ground….you got to love the scare tactics by Democrats.

  6. its like being the winner of a special Olympics but those kids have heart! con artists, all of them. each one would give away the future of every democrats kids if it meant getting elected. wake up they are puppets to an even more evil entity behind the scenes,

  7. These people look like the last ones to get picked in gym class. Trump is the star quarterback who has thrown for 10000 yards already this season.

  8. Pathetic how CBS Evening News censors its comment section. I know you're doing everything you can to get Creepy Joe Biden elected, you sorry POSs.

  9. I never thought I'd say this but the Democratic party has found a candidate more unelectable than Hillary Clinton. Might as well just stick Hillary in Biden's place and give her another go.

  10. The parkland shooting victim cannot go to Harvard for saying the n-word in a private conversation at the age of 16. Biden worked with racists to pass racist laws and is running for president. Just let that sink in.

  11. It doesn't matter. Biden has been selected to be the Democrat nominee. The DNC is already screwing over Bernie by flooding the primaries with progressives and fake progressives to DIVIDE the progressive vote so Biden can win with the establishment voters. Why else do you think there's so many candidates running? It's sad but Biden will end up winning the nomination unless we FORCE other candidates like Elizabeth Warren to drop out before primaries begin.

  12. Big business knows that it has just as much of a friend in Biden as it does in trump. Big business owns the media, big business controls the narrative.

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