Cats Vs. Dogs • Debatable


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  1. Update time

    Keith's wife Becky had "25 rescue dogs" future planned for them both.
    And Keith has already started bark-chler.

    Zach has a dog- bowie whom he loves to pieces.

    We all love Jen more than anyone loves Andrew.

    And Eugene is our King.

    So dogs have won. There is no argument.

  2. dog owners like dog protect my house ,walk with me in a park ,bring my newspaper bla vla bla ,bro you dont own a pet you want to slave to do your works )),cats are different you cant give a command to cats cuz they dont care a command they dont obey to you ,i love that character of cats ,they are lordly animals

  3. People are known to live a more happier and Heather life with cats! Cats are also highly worshiped is Egypt. In Egypt, If you kill a cat, you can be sentenced to death. But yet…

    dogs are great too!

  4. 4:12 that is so true I’m a cat person but I like dogs I have even considered getting one but getting purebreds is a very bad idea they are weak and get all kinds of sicknesses because of how they were changed

    You see it in cats too but a lot less I mean dogs all come from the same animal but they have so many different kinds

  5. Some cats can be active, some cats can be funny and they like to do tricks. Some dogs can be lazy and not move for hours, some dogs aren’t needy at all…it’s rare but I’ve seen it. When cats and dogs live together they learn a lot from each other, my dog used to sit like a cat because he wanted to impress the kitty he lived with. I think they are both wonderful but that’s only because I’ve lived with both my whole life😂😂😂

  6. At least cats don’t bark when they hear the slightest of sound when you’re trying to sleep…even if it’s your fat uncle getting a midnight snack…or your athletic child getting water…or your other child that is diabetic and is getting your hot Cheetos…and cats let you have your space as well,so yeah…

  7. I like cats because they're not like.. They're my friend. They're their own individual animal. Not just a thing I hang around and give attention, food, etc. I can hug it and talk to it for a while, but just like a person they get tired and need a break eventually. They don't like us being too affectionate. It's like having a human in my house but it's in a different body. An independant animal and I love it. 💖

  8. Team dog! I’m actually allergic to cats and I’m blind so a guide dog may work for me! And cars get on my nerves to. . . They are just to dirty for my taste

  9. See there's different types of people
    In this world
    If you have a friend whose very social
    they Will rarely get a cat
    And if you have a friend whose un-social
    Don't expect them to get a dog
    I hope you understand
    That every animals is unique their own way

  10. I only speak the truth only but dogs are dirty i see dog poop every were i go i never see a small poop witsh is a cat poop cats are cleaner thin dogs and every one in the woorld see dog poop every ware

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