Caller Implodes on Identity Politics Claims

Caller attempts to argue that today’s Democratic Party is focused on violence and identity politics -Become a Member: …


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Caller Implodes on Identity Politics Claims

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  1. How does Pakman have more subscribers than Dore?
    This show is not authentic. It’s really bad. It doesn’t make sense…He must be getting help from establishment.

  2. Funny how people ignore the right-wing snow flakes, white people have it so bad, there's a war on Christians, we can't say Merry Xmas any more, there taking our guns all the way to right-wing SJW's invading theatre stages shouting Goebbel's and Nazi's at the cast and audience and trying to shut down the production because a modern version of Shakespeare's Julius Caeser has a Trump looking Caeser getting assassinated but they were strangely weren't protesting the many earlier productions that had Presidents Obama, Bush and Clinton as Caeser and being assassinated also. How about the right-wing SJW's protesting for prayer in school even though its against the US Constitution and nothing stopping them from praying they just can't force it on everyone else or that Evolution shouldn't be taught even though its a Scientific Theory. How about the 10 Commandments in Court Houses, funny how they like to ignore the US Constitution when it suits them, how about Bundy Ranch crew and their supporters, pointing guns at the police. Watch Fox News and its right-wing whining, severe snow flaking and right-wing SJW shit 24/7.

  3. If I can try and make sense of his question of what he means in my head, please bear with me, I think it might go something like this.

    I see a lot of these supertriggered far leftwing people online or on my personal news show, and it seems to me that a lot of people might be thinking that's what it means to be "left". This might get people around the middle to think being left means being like a super feminist, or throwing a protest over every little thing. Do you think this might hurt the left when it comes to voting because they just see the extreme?

    Now, I'm not going to say that's what this gentleman means, or that I think everyone on the left, or the right for that matter, is so extreme as what I "described", but maybe some of us could have a little discussion about this. The question "I" posed, or wether I'm just completely wrong with what he may have been trying to say.

    Either way, hope you have a good day.

  4. Why Kamala Harris? Because she is a black woman. Simply by existing, she is "identity politics." Since he wasn't willing to say it, that's my best guess to what he meant. The rest of it was some combination of him avoiding saying that he is a racist and anti-racists make him uncomfortable and talking points he got from Fox News or a similar place.

  5. I've lived in san antonio (because of work) for 5 years now, moving from near by austin. This is the most backward, dirty, lazy, fucked up city i've lived in and i can't wait to get my transfer. Also Go Spurs!

  6. The caller had the right idea, he just didn't know how to express it. He was talking about Kamal Harris, that fucking Senator uses identity politics all the time. The fact that Pakman tries to ridicule the guy and not recognize that there is a problem with identity politics in the Democratic leadership is pretty disappointing.

  7. I love when David Pakman slowly, and intelligently ask them simple questions and they completely break down 😂… It’s scary how dumb most of America is lol

  8. I think what the caller is trying to get at is that the identity politics crowd is more likely to gravitate to the Democrats in a two party system and they end up being useful idiots turning off people who might consider voting Democrat. It doesn't matter that Democrat politicians do nothing to encourage that simplistic rabble because in a polarised political system they clearly aren't Republican which associates them with anything left of the GOP.

  9. This is a horrific showing, and I would thoroughly expect this kind of caller to be crawling around Shapiro's comment section, sniveling about how 'liberalism is a mental disorder' and all of that supposedly profound bullshit that Shapiro fans think makes them look smart.

  10. Any woman on the top who has a challenger has used identity politics to silence any criticism.
    Hillary started it.
    Her contact at MCNBS (or was it CNN?) who sent her questions before a debate used the "I'm a woman" card when Jordan Charidon asked her questionis about rigging the primary against progressives.
    You know this David. You're just being dishonest, and are being condescending as if the caller owes the likes of the corp. dems his vote of confidence. Corp. dems used the identity card against progressives all the time.. indicating racism within the ranks.. associating them with Trump voters.
    And anyone who got their ballots nullified during the primary, and just didn't bother to vote or voted Jill Stein got the blame for the loss… claiming to be all on the side of feminism…minority rights…. lgbt rights.. When we all know that these identity groups are being used as props by corp. dems who in real life don't give a shit about them.
    A corp. dems is practically a republican who claims to have a gay friend, or family members, have a landscaper named Jesus or Juan, and a colleague who's black.

  11. He knew the point he wanted to make, u just kept discrediting each of his hacky talking points and since he couldn't make a rebuttal, he had had to constantly change his position.

  12. This guy obviously gets his info about "the left" from Fox news. He went from the left being to sensitive about people's feelings to them destroying property and being out of control. How does that make sense to him?

  13. Jesus H. Christ 😂 This goon just called in to spout off rightist rhetoric and talking points and centrist complaints to avoid evaluation of their ideas. The Democrats have NEVER been the party of the working class. Those parties have never been widely elected because most class conscious people understand electoral politics, while sometimes useful, is no means of pushing working people's issues.

    The Dems also never engage in IDPol outside of liberal feminist "more female congresspeople and CEO's" type bs and attempting to court minority votes while maintaining positions that destroy minority communities.

    antifa is not a group, not and organization and not an ideology. It's a tactic. BlackBloc, a tactic also, is not the same as antifa and is usually doing the property damage. There can be some crossover, but in my experience, not as much as you'd think. Many antifa activists are voters. Many are not. Just depends on the individual politics of the activist. It ranges from liberals, progressives, anarchists of various tendencies, socialists of various tendencies, communists of various tendencies and even primitivists, futurists and largely apolitical folks that want to oppose far right politics by any means necessary.

    It's not that difficult to understand if you just look at the facts instead of the spectacle.

  14. I hate humans like this. Just clueless tryna point the finger. It's scary to me that people can't just get out there and just learn the world. This is what religion and class separation has done. IMO.

  15. Wow… This dude keeps changing his argument every 5 seconds.
    I have a problem with identity politics too, but

    1) Not wanting to offend people called being a decent person. Being "anti-PC" made sense in the 80s and 90s because a lot of important topics were unable to be talked about. Now its just an excuse for white boys to use racial slurs without getting criticism.

    2) Is not a democrats only issue. Hell you can just look at the kavanaugh hearing for an example as he kept using his identity like being a catholic student or a football player or as a top student to protect himself from sexual assault claims.

    3) random civilians do not and should not be you deciding factors voting for politicians.

  16. This isn't the party he recognizes?
    What is he talking about?
    One he barely sounds like he's in his 20s.
    Secondly, when was this magical time where the dems weren't republican light?

  17. So, I'm confused. Are we saying that identity politics and PC culture doesn't exist? This is an issue that has, in my opinion, polarized US political discourse more than any other topic. That isn't to say that social theory on things like intersectionality and feminism are completely useless and hold no inherent truths. We as a nation seem very willing to latch on to every blog post, both right and left, that extols some ideal, or admonishes some piece of pop-culture as "insert-ism-here", personalize it, and proclaim special knowledge without listening to what anyone else has to say on the matter. The problem isn't the theory, or the real issues that we face; it's the fact that Americans are very comfortable with brow-beating one another from atop their pedestal of virtue.

  18. So he is concerned that there are extremists on the left? Yeah, welcome to the real world kid. There are extremists on every side. There are even extremist buddhists apparently.

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