BuzzFeed Try To Defend The Liars


The ultimate attempt at devil’s advocate. Is there no low that BuzzFeed won’t sink to? ==================================================== Please …


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  1. 7:40 I love you and your content, but this comment is very uncomfortable and disappointing for me to hear. Unattractive women are vulnerable to being taken advantage of because of this train of thought. They are often not believed just because of their appearance. A rapist is often likely to target someone with low self-esteem or self defense skills, which ugly women often possess, along with disabled and mentally ill women and minors. I'm very much against false rape accusations and I recognise their damage, but I don't think "she's unfuckable" is an argument.

  2. @Omegon I actually know a little about this subject as I was falsely accused of Historical Rape – But neither me nor my accusers ever went to court – 4:06 BuzzFeed actually 100% LIED – The Sentence is NOT and has NEVER BEEN LIFE IMPRISONMENT… Its actually a Fixed Penalty of 5 Years for the act of Perjury.

    7:07 Again BuzzFeed blatantly LIE here… If this were true, Then My Accusers would now be in Prison – in fact they would only just be coming up for release… Again, As I said above, A 5 Year Fixed Sentence for Perjury. (My case began in 2014… I was on Bail for 9 Months before being released without Charge…)

    8:15 And here is EXACTLY WHY my accusers NEVER faced Prosecution – They were victims of past abuse… I am, to a fault, Honest… Had my accusers said I had 'Physically Abused them' – I would have to put my hands up and admit guilt… I had entered a new relationship, I was deeply depressed, angry and paranoid… And frankly, I was a Bastard!!! Depression in my view is NOT an Excuse to act like an asshole… I KNEW I had mental health issues due to past events, but I thought I was able to handle it and i was WRONG! As Such, I myself became an abuser – I feel deep guilt for that!

    Worse still, I entered a relationship where my accusers – Both were Step Children… Had suffered 'Alleged' Domestic Violence and according to police reports at least one of the two had been sexually abused at some point when they were a very young child, but due to a lack of evidence – No one could be prosecuted. Both of my accusers were very mentally damaged… And they remain so to this day!

    The portrayal BuzzFeed is trying to make here is that these factors are NOT taken into account by the CPS in the United Kingdom – Well this is patently False!!! They do indeed take these things into account…

    (Side Note: I do use my real name and Photo on my profile… So there is a chance that someone may recognise or know who my accusers are… LEAVE THEM ALONE!!! Whats done is done… All Our lives have moved on… I thankfully was never sent to prison and time has put all this to bed… I feel no ill will to them as I did fail them as a Parent! I may not have commited the crimes I was accused of, but I do accept that I did do them harm! I understand why they hated me… After years of counselling I am now back to a more 'Sensible Mindset' – But it will never remove the guilt I feel for how I failed them.)

    10:11 Having to go back to before I suffered Mental illness, In 1991 – My Sister was a victim of an Alleged Rape, The case came to court in February of 1992 where the accused was found 'NOT GUILTY' Despite the Judge directing the Jury towards a Guilty verdict. These dates are highly noteworthy – You will see why shortly…

    The Judge upon hearing the Acquittal of the accused then recounted teh Accused's previous history – In the United Kingdom, A case must be heard ONLY ON EVIDENCE OF THE CASE PENDING – Any Previous encounters with teh law are restricted until such time as the case has been heard – At which point the Judge revealed to teh Jury that he was highly disappointed they had rejected his direction as the Accused had previously been bought before teh courts a total of 6 Times in just two years on the exact same offences!!! And on at least two of those occasions – A Settlement had been reached out of court to avoid conviction.

    Maybe BuzzFeed can Explain this one?

    Anyway – I said those dates were important… They are!!! In 1990, An Oxford University Student made an allegation of Rape against her then Ex Boyfriend… Following a Lengthy Year long investigation – Where Security camera Footage amongst other evidence was found, She was subsequently Prosecuted for Perjury in October of 1991 – Not only did Security footage show she was alone in the area she claimed to have been raped, but her Ex had broke up with her after coming out as a Homosexual. There were also numerous others pieces of evidence that pointed to her lying such as Times not fitting, Changes to statements and – The Clincher… A Covert recording made by Police while she was in 'Protective Custody'

    The fact she was only Jailed in October of 1991 meant that sadly many Juries were undoubtedly influenced by the heavy Media Coverage at the time – And it was VERY HEAVILY COVERED By the Media…

    Another small note for BuzzFeed… If you go back and look at the number of Rape Cases being reported both prior to and after October 1991… You will see an issue… Before this young lady, Reported rapes were Rising – Thankfully as Rape is a Disgraceful and Heinous Crime… But after her Conviction… There was a sharp DECLINE as Women felt that due to this woman they would not be believed!!!

    So I would really like to hear how BuzzFeed can Justify their stance knowing this.

    Finally, Ched Evans… I must agree that his accuser should have been named – Though… If I may, I have never been 100% convinced he was innocent – But I was not a part of the Jury and therefore I do not know all the evidence either for or against… And this is something many should try harder to understand… If as I am stating here, Someone says 'I think Ched Evans was Guilty!' That's OK! Its a mere OPINION… Likewise anyone who says 'No, Ched Evans was always innocent!' – Again… That is an OPINION… Everyone has a right to hold an opinion!

    The issue is that most of us behave like BuzzFeed… and when our opinion is challenged… We seek to justify it with any old crap we can dig up…

    BuzzFeed are a prime example of everything that is wrong with our Internet Age… They claim to be a News Source, but the truth is they are Quite Biased and will double down to justify their own opinions and that therefore must be FACT! Well, I have stated facts – Facts from my won life experience… And they disprove BuzzFeed absolutely! Come at Me BuzzFeed!!!

    Finally, Can I send my respect to @marilynjay – Your comment fills me with hope… And to you as well @Omegon – DAMN your videos are good!!!

  3. as a woman who has been raped I will say that I agree with you wholeheartedly no one should ever accuse someone unless they've actually done it and you have proof of it with me because the state I lived in at the time did not allow for spousal rape I had no choice but to let it go but honestly I do not like the fact that there are women lying about rape because we already have it hard enough to deal with it let alone have to deal with some twit who wants to accuse someone just because he's pissed her off

  4. I got falsely accused of being a stalker by a work colleague simply because I'm observant. That was a nasty couple of months at work for me and no doubt her. It all got settled and cleared up. She just had to apologise, I had to find another job. Although I'd done nothing but noticed a few lil details and was stupid enough to think I could have a friendly conversation with her, the damage was done and peoples trust in me was eroded.
    That was just a lil misunderstanding by someone highly strung, a false rape accusation would ruin a life. Too bloody right the person pointing the finger like that should have their life f***ed up as well.

  5. Omegon I had a recorded confession of my abuser and he then confessed to the police, STRAIGHT AWAY!


    And yes women lie, A LOT!


    So yea the fact that so many women lie affects the treatment of real victims!


    Why did we get rid of public shaming…?? SOME people NEED it!

  6. Also they are not Muslim grooming gangs, just because someone has a Muslim name doesn't make them Muslim, they would be wiped or stoned perhaps for that crime if they actually believed in Islam. They are Pakistani grooming gangs nothing more no different than their Indian counterparts or European counterparts.
    Just like you can have a Christian name and family but that doesn't make you a Christian, prime example Kony 2012 and the LRA.

  7. I hate BuzzFeed. And ppl need to be held accountable for their actions. The only time I think it should be okay if you're being abused and they say it was someone else cuz you're scared and being pressured BUT only if you tell people who the actual abuser is once you're safe. And I'm only saying this is okay for children or other highly valuable people. If your reason is I don't want them to get in trouble then no sympathy.

  8. I think using your past as an excuse for your actions, like abuse is, to some extent, bullshit. Sure I can understand if Abuse has made you hard to trust people, or have a bit of a temper. But when it's used to excuse treating people like garbage, or ruining lives, or taking your revenge on men or whatever group it may be. That's different. Cause it's not just a you problem anymore, it's other peoples problem, and they have a bit of a reason to be afraid of you when you do something like that.

    And second, questioning people when they are vulnerable isn't an attack on the victim. I keep watching dateline when i come into work and almost every episode is Spouse killed their partner. And every damn time someone will say "They were a wreck when they found out they had died" but then later in the episode we find out they killed their spouse. If we acted like this for murder charges, we'd never be able to catch these kinds of people, who pretend to be destroyed by their death when in reality they kill their spouse and acted like a wreck.

  9. The govt will never go after false accusers the way they should, and the media will never villify the accuser, or portray them as the monsters that they are.

    I dont like to say it, but the only justice a man will have is if he gets it himself. If you falsely accuse me, my life is effectively over, even when found innocent. So Im going to end my accusers, in kind. Im going after the judge who railed against me, and Im going after lawyers who fought for the quick payday.

    It only seems fair in a system this rigged, and too scared to hold half of the population accountable because they have a uterus.

  10. I love the irony of Buzzfeed talki,g about how this practice of arresting liars who drag their victims through the very public mud claims that this will scare away legitimate rape victims from reporting rapes. Because if I know psychology as well as I do, I can bet you that this article will convince victims not to come forward for fear of being arrested if their evidence isn't strong enough.

    Hmm, really makes you think…

  11. RAPE = Punched in the face and force fucked, or in case of vulnerable(children) just fucked. The number of real rape its very very small. The vast majority its bullshit.
    If you false accuse someone of rape you deserve to be gutted, but unfortunatly thats not possible, so you have to go to jail, and make a wage slave for the accused after all the guy will never be able to get a descent job anymore.

  12. I feel that the Accuser should only go to prison if the one they Accused has been sent to prison because of the false allegation. And if they haven't, then the Accuser should be fined by the state for an amount equal to the cost of resources spent investigating the case, as well as be made to financially support the Accused in the event the accusation has cost them their livelihood and/or negatively affects their ability to earn a living. For a period up to 10yrs.

  13. I could see complete anonymity for the news but as far as some proposed laws they've gone straight to the accused is not even allowed to know who accused them of what which means that they're not going to be able to put together a proper defense.

  14. I don't care who you are what color you are if you're a man or if you're a woman or where you're living in the world I have an extremist view when it comes to false allegations I believe 30 years in prison for every false allegation. Only way to stop false allegations is to make an example of someone and make it where nobody ever wants to file a false accusation again.

  15. I just don’t know about girls who got raped and then got arrested. I’d be so mad if my friend got arrested because she was raped when she was a little kid and they thought she was lying. Her whole life is ruined now because if that and she has ptsd. Her mom never did anything about that and she knew. It’s fucked up.

    However I think it’s bullshit that anyone lies about that in the first place I wish that everyone was just honest so we didn’t have to deal with this. I also feel bad for anyone who has someone falsely saying they have been a rapist :/
    I do think the girl who accuses the football player should have gone to prison for a very long time

  16. I know that is kind of a jokey meme but (at least here around where I live and if I find the artical again I will link you) there was a guy here that got locked up for posting memes and everyone in the prison was not messing with him. I am not sure how true what he said is but the guy when asked why he said "I can only guess getting locked up for memes are so petty they took pity on me or they truly think memers are the most hard core mother fuckers ever and didn't want none of that."

  17. As usual, garbage article from a garbage site.

    The whole point of this being uniquely an UK thing is also very misleading.
    Maybe the UK is the only country with with a law specifically about false rape accusations, but pretty much everywhere in the civilized world you can go to jail for maliciously fabricating false accusations of any kind, including rape.

  18. its truly disgusting how low people will go for shit like that. I commend those cops for charging that woman, I don't care whom you are as long as your not mentally ill with something like Aspergers or Autism then you should be charged for false accusations when you are found out of it, people lose jobs, have their lives pulled through miles and miles of shit fields on accusations alone of that despicable crime yet people that lie about it and are proven wrong in a court of law get off scot free with not as much as a splash of mud on their "good name". Its honestly sad to see that we would rather protect lying scum then to remove this lens of gender and look at crimes equally. The "victim" lied about its victimhood status and caused the accused their good name and should be punished for ruining the accused life.

  19. I think our UK courts pay attention to the "False crime report" before they go after the Whamin for falsely accusing someone of rape.
    Our legal system really hates wasting the court's and police time and/or resources with a vengeance!
    The maximum sentence of "Life in Prison" is only given to people under the "Perverting the course of Justice" statute if your false claim ends in the death of the accused or someone else.
    It's like the Felony Murder statute, in the US, when someone dies in committing a robbery.

  20. A different standard of questioning, by a mental health professional, should be taken into consideration, for a person making a rape allegation, if that person, (male or female), has an actual, known/documented mental illness, before even contacting the accused. (imho)
    Anyone who intentionally FILES a FALSE ALLEGATION of rape, should be given EXACT SAME SENTENCING, as one being accused/LIED about!!

  21. If you can talk about it, I'm curious about something involving rape/false accusations of rape.
    If the report went in early enough (Say within a month of the event happening) about a rape case happening, but there's not enough evidence involved in it being seen as a rape, do you think the accuser should be punished for 'lying'?

  22. You need to be more clear. Wasting police time isnt an issue. Lots of things waste police time, like when there isnt enough evidence to convict. The problem is that this time was wasted intentionally and maliciously.

    Not enough evidence leading to no conviction is not the same as falsification and lying leading to no conviction.

    Delaying your reporting to the police isnt a crime. Taking a long time to report a rape isnt a crime. This bitch didnt just wait. She lied her ass off, and the wait was used IN ADDITION TO THE EVIDENCE THAT SHE LIED to charge her.