Buzz SLIPS UP About Moon Trip!! (An HONEST Discussion) | Fe PROOF 6

PROOF the Moon IS NOT What You Were Told!! | ALL EPISODES [by Feed Your Mind] …


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Buzz SLIPS UP About Moon Trip!! (An HONEST Discussion) | Fe PROOF 6

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  2. I believe they reached the moon but never landed… there must have been something there that scared the s**t out of them…so that would be why no one ever returned there.

  3. Thank you for your video. You are 100% correct. I always wondered why did they never go back? Because they are liars!! They could not go thru the van Allan belt. NASA are evil. Just lies and more lies. But some people are so blind they do not want to see or hear the truth.

  4. First q she asked: "What's the best thing about space? GOING THERE.
    There's no "controversy", it's blatant quote-mining. We didn't go, between 1973 and today.
    He's 88, and reported to have dementia and Alzheimer's. Give him a fucking break.
    Why do you choose to believe those 2 seconds, and none of the rest, when he talked extensively about the Moon landings?
    Yeah, radiation is a problem for Orion – why wouldn't it be? A new mission, planning to spend months in space, not days. So they tested that new ship, In 2014, and it was fine.
    And yes, right now we don't have a ship ready to go beyond LEO. How hard to understand is that?
    This is the best "evidence" of a hoax you can find, which shows how fucking desperate you are. Pathetic.

  5. I have a feeling they are going to kill him. Hes been drinkin' & thinkin' about being found out for a long long time. He seems like a troubled man, & who wouldnt be troubled when your a lier who serves satan.

  6. Only white cave goblins can lie to the entire inhabitants of Earth about going to a place that doesn't even exist in our own dimension because it's a projection…Bravo white man!

  7. Can people acctually be that stupid?….you globuies out there, USE your fucking ears!!!….No freudian slipups, they are telling the truth!
    much love and peace my friend

  8. Would love a mug or Tshirt. Water is always level and you can't see the curve. Infrared videos from an airplane are also fantastic. Thanks man. Keep the video coming.

  9. Looks like Freud had one thing correct with his "Slip" observation. The antiOchrist did the same thing in an interview with George the weasel when he said, "…My Muslim faith." Which was quickly corrected by the weasel.

  10. Whether he lied, it's worth pointing out that NO ONE recalls a story like this in order to answer a question. It sounds vague and convoluted. Why talk like that?

  11. Why would they have put a camera on the moon? For what scientific purpose would they spend millions of dollars putting a camera on the moon for?
    And how does the moon being tidal locked show intelligent design? Bizarre logic.
    And our calendars are based on what we see, not what we see matches our calendars.
    The Orion engineer was talking about the effects of the radiation on the electronic and computers systems of Orion, and testing that before they send people out in it. And since the video they have tested it and it passed.
    And yes, right now they can only do LEO because they are no craft build capable of taking manned missions beyond LEO. Orion and sls will once again give them this ability. It’s not a hard concept.

  12. If amerikkka actually made it to the Moon russia would have been trying even harder for the next level there. Same with the rest of the world. Once everyone knew the Moon was safe to land on they would most certainly be taking advantage of that knowledge. But no, they haven't even gone back, and Money is their reasoning. 53 million a day isn't enough? Pffft.

  13. Great compilation and FlatEarr be before my face each day ie butterflies fly and feathers float yet tons of grave pressure keeps billions of tons of H2O suspensed in space! Grade4 was an eye opener for me! and NEVA known a Ball wit 4 Corners!

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