New mom Melissa wants to give some extra love to her cat Mac. Danie Berger and Alexandra Gater compete to find Mac a stylish multi-functional cat hub that …


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  1. I just can't get over the fact that the food/water dish is going to be right next to the litter box, getting litter scatter in it?? Yuck. And also it's against cats instincts to eat close to where they use the bathroom. So best case scenario she won't eat in there. Worst case scenario she will choose to pee somewhere else.

  2. I'm so team DIY! I don't understand why so many people pick the buy over the DIY. I almost always love the DIY so much more 🙈🤗
    and also…. it's a little unfair and even a bit of a waste, that Melissa would not mention such an important details (I mean the hight) bc it's so easy to customize that with a DIY. And I feel like that's the case in a few other videos as well. I don't know if that's to make it "more interesting" for the story but to me it just seems a little wasteful and also sad that the DIY loses bc the contestants don't give out ALL the necessary information. What is a DIY for if not to exactly tailor it to the needs of s.o.? 😢

  3. I much prefer the DIY, since it also gives the cat a little "chill out" area out of reach of a toddler. I would have made it a bit differently though, like opening it from the top to fit the narrow space better and maybe adding a "vent" at the back so the cat isn't super hot in there.

  4. Ok, first of all most cats don’t feel comfortable using a litter box that’s covered. The reason why it it’s because they usually have to keep an eye on the surroundings when they are on the wild so you’re putting your pet through some unnecessary stress. Besides, would you like to go to the bathroom to a place that is completely shout down? Without almost any ventilation?
    Last but not least, no cat would ever like to eat less than 30 cm away from where they take a dump… like come on most likely that cat wasn’t going to eat or go to the bathroom there.
    If you wanna have pets please do your research first.

  5. Loved the DIY. My litter box is by the front door, my house is pretty small so that's the best option. The DIY would be perfect. We'd have a spot to sit and put shoes on and my cats would love having privacy.

  6. I have two little princesses and would definitely choose the DIY every single time, especially with babies running around. A latch can easily be attached to prevent older toddlers and kids from getting into the hutch and the idea of the carpet to catch stray litter is so smart! I want it! Lol

  7. I would love to have the DIY for my cats! But would either cut the legs off or make them a lot shorter. Would never spend $300 for that small litter box one! It was cute but not quite practical in a house with a baby in my opinion. I think the opening in that one was high too. My cats are older so they definitely would need it lower. Great video though! Thanks for the tips! BTW, are you selling any of the DIY furniture? 😄

  8. I really love the DIY. I am not a huge fan of that color of blue however I feel like with the two compartments it would really help to hide the odor of the happenings in the litter box especially if you put flaps over the two openings. Also I love the fact that the compartment next to the litter box has the material on the floor to help catch the litter off of her paws before she leaves. Also with the vie I feel like it was that big opening on the front that the baby will just be able to be getting in the litter box anyway also I feel like the cat will be throwing litter out onto the carpet.

  9. 13:46 mins in…are you shitting me?! I am mad about how mad this is making me 😂 You would have thought that the homeowner would have told them prior to the challenge that her cat is lazy and has limitations 🙄🙄🙄 the DIY is perfect…she could have always removed the legs. The only thing I didn't like was the recommendation to having food/snacks right at the entrance/exit to the little box.

    This is going to bother me.

  10. I di not understand how she went eith the Buy option. The DIY was so much better! I did something similar for my cats and they love it.

  11. How did you know that I was in the market for a hidden litterbox?! I was considering the fake plant box (can be found on amazon) but I really like the buy (sorry, too lazy to do the DIY lol). I might have to reconsider…

    Also Danie, you should meet my cat, Arya is very needy, loves attention, and loves people! I joke that she's a dog in a cats body.

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