BTS Plays With Puppies While Answering Fan Questions (BUZZFEED) *CUTEST INTERVIEW* (BTS REACTION)


Hi, welcome to The Green Scene in today’s video we’re reacting to BTS Plays With Puppies While Answering Fan Questions (BUZZFEED) *CUTEST …


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  1. Honestly my opinion on this is probably invalid because I grew up speaking both languages but I believe English is harder because it just has more words in a way. Like for example μ‚¬λž‘ν•΄μš” (saranhaeyo) is I love you. And as you see English needs three words in order to say it but in korean its just one word. Idk it's hard to explain but you get it

  2. for me learning Korean is (i say is cuz im still learning) easy it might seem intimidating at first but once you learn hangul the Korean alphabet its really easy to speak and to write the only thing you might have a problem with is the way they form sentences but other then that its just like learning any thing else

  3. For funny
    Please react to Namjoon being done with bts eng
    From bangtansus channel

    To see more but in compilation funny style of their last America interviews and other eng time and RM losing patience

    Namjoon=RM -leader and one fluent in English

    That channel is a popular fav can react to a few more voids
    Like bts in America in a nutshell pt1&2
    (From 2017)

  4. BTS with The Mess interview is hilarious
    Remember boys been asked do many times same questions, they been up since 5am.
    So they get bored after a while, they try to answer as much they can. And they get self conscious about their English.
    So when last year The Morning Mess did interview
    And Things You Missed
    Please react to them back to back it's more funny that way

    ARMY loved it, because it wasn't serious , it was more relaxed, about having fun, and boys energy changed fast.
    Plus by Morning Mess acting funny , making fun of themself, then it took the pressure of our boys.
    (In Korean interviews that's what they do, they play games, make fun jokes)
    It was so good that Suga (who normally is quiet was enjoying himself) , and you can make him smile during interview you are GOLD to ARMY.
    Here this year's interview.

  5. μ•ˆλ…•ν•˜μ„Έμš”! I am Korean…sorry my English is not very good. I will try hard. But thank you for many reaction! See foreigner like bangtan is so amazing to watch. They are very cool. And korean is not hard to learn because alphabet is simple πŸ™‚ English is hard though γ… γ… 

  6. please react to BTS in america in a nutshell (part 1+2) its HILARIOUS you guys will love it >< it was when BTS in BBMA and AMA last year
    Those boys are goofy and funny ah trust me πŸ˜‰ love ya reaction, so cutee

  7. Psshh… Dont think about it.
    The languange? Dont take it as a burden. I understand english and korean and both not my mother languange. Just enjoy the music and if there is any languange barrier, you may ask. ARMYs would gladly explain. 😊
    I learnt languanges with flow… U will understand eventually. Well, i would recommend u to watch lyrics video for the meaning instead (so much deepness in the lyric). Just dont burden yourself.

    My Question for BTS: none. I actually feels like their family already, have seen and listen to their story, that i feel like im in their position to see what their (and mine) future will be. I feel i can only ask about future that both of us wont ever know but experience. πŸ˜…

  8. Yeah like other commenters said English is actually really hard, my first language being Spanish. Learning English I had a hard time whereas learning Korean was pretty easy. Especially the reading aspect, it’s not that hard to learn how to read Hangul. And some tips would be to keep with it everyday even if it’s just learning a new word or sentence everyday. Especially with the Korean language, you have to invest the time to learn or develop something new everyday. I now speak the 3 languages fluently with English being the weaker one even though I’m an advanced English speaker lol

  9. It will be better to react to a guide to each member, this way you will recognize easier each one.
    It took me one week to learn their names and how they look.
    If I have a question for them: I'm from Romania(Europe) so I'm wondering if they will come in my country, they have a lot of fans here.
    I'm older than them, but I have to say I like BTS and I admire them because they are very talented, cute, skilled, vocals, rapping and if you go deeper to each one of members you understand what soul they have. They're very different from other people.
    RM is a good leader, is not easy to lead 6 people with different personalities and to manage everything between group and manager to write lyrics too, Suga is a good rapper and he has a strong personality even if sometimes he looks cold he is shy and very emotional and cute, Jin is the oldest so he want to be respected he is funny and cute and cooks for others, J-hope has always a smile on his face his dancing skills are insane, Jimin has amaizing voice, his face look like a baby face and any hair color goes well and is dancing skills are unreal because he did balley and he has beautiful soul, Jungkook is maknae(youngest) he was very shy but now he talks more which I like has nice voice and his dancing skills are very good he is very fast as you can see on the music video and he is very gentle he looks best with black hair, V has amaizing eyes he looks like in manga his voice is unique can sing high and low he was named by critics most beautiful last year 2017 he has good taste for fashion and is a good actor.
    My biases are: Jimin, V and Jungkook!
    I respect them because they work very hard for what they have now, sometimes they work 20 hours/day to achieve their dream.
    They became famous everywhere with hard work and unique style.
    I have to say their music videos look like movies not like usual videos, I was impressed by Not today last year because it was first time I heard about them from TV.
    I can appreciate good music and dance, because I have friends who did balley and BTS usually has insane choreography!

  10. Though i was born in the U.S., i learned to speak korean first, since my parents couldnt really speak much english….learning any language is difficult. Ive learned to speak spanish and japanese along the way, and korean would probably be one of the easier languages. Like english, you write/spell phonetically. Plus it only has 24 letters in the alphabet, while english has 26. The tricky parts would be understanding the nuances of the korean language, this is where fully immersing yourself in korean culture would probably help, for example, in english we would say "a dime a dozen." Idioms like these tend to confuse the hell out of ESL students. Either way, good luck if you choose to pursue korean or any other language. Learning foreign languages is one of the best ways to learn about other cultures. Despite the popular trend of screaming "cultural appropriation" in 2018, learning and melding the positive/beautiful aspects of other cultures is probably the best bridge to bringing everyone a little closer in this world.

    Btw, love the two of you and please bring the cute little rugrat again for a review.

  11. Also (I didn’t remember to mention this in my previous comment) if you’re interested in knowing more about them, if you have YouTube Red, BTS have a documentary series on YouTube Red that’s 8 episodes that documents their WINGS tour and shows how they put the show together and their experiences performing in the different countries and it also shows the hardships they faced on the tour. It’s a really incredible series and you learn so much about all of them and it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re interested! πŸ™‚

  12. this is why so many of us love kpop. groups often do variety shows, their own shows, live chats with fans etc. it makes us feel closer to them and more invested in their lives and happiness. … also,.. the first teaser for shinee's comeback is out.. please check it out …SHINee μƒ€μ΄λ‹ˆ '데리러 κ°€ (Good Evening)' Teaser #1

  13. I want to explain the joke at 4:05 because I personally find it really funny, but sadly the subtitles didn't explain it. Jhope said his favorite song off the album is "The Truth Untold". This song's original Korean title is μ „ν•˜μ§€ λͺ»ν•œ 진심, but that title is super long so they shorten it down to just the first character of each word: μ „ λͺ» 진 (Jeon – Mot – Jin). It's like shortening "The Truth Untold" to TTU excpt it's not single letters, but syllables.

    Now with these syllables you can make new words and sentences, and since they love to make fun of each other, they came up with 정말 λͺ»μƒκΈ΄ 진 –> They changed the first character μ „ (Jeon) to μ • (Jeong) and made this sentence: Seriously/Very ugly Jin

    정말 Jeongmal (Seriously/Very)
    λͺ»μƒκΈ΄ Motsaenggin (Ugly)
    진 Jin

    And since Jin loves to brag about his face, of course the others like to tease him like this πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚