Black Panther 2 'Reshaped' to Be Respectful to Chadwick Boseman – IGN The Fix: Entertainment

#BlackPanther2 In other entertainment news, the Borderlands movie is inching ever so close to a major loot drop these days with the recent slew of cast …


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34 thoughts on “Black Panther 2 'Reshaped' to Be Respectful to Chadwick Boseman – IGN The Fix: Entertainment

  1. As I've said before, you will never hear the DCEU fans say that if an actor portraying a lead character they like were to die suddenly that they should bury or kill off that said character out of respect for that actor who passed away. If Jason Momoa were to die unexpedtedly, there wouldn't be divide between the comicbook and movie fans about recasting as they would understand that the character is separate from the actor who played him. However, it's telling that there is this silly divide when it comes to the MCU Black Panther between the comicbook fans who know and appreciate the characters and a contingency of MCU fans who care more for the actor who they never met in regards to the character.

  2. The only candidates for the position of BP in my opinion are either Shuri or a hastily written Kasper Cole. I'd prefer Shuri since we've already gotten to know her. Not gonna lie though, it'll never be the same without T'Challa. Rest In Peace Chadwick. We miss you.

  3. not recasting him in BP2 isnt a big deal. But Im sure he'll be recasted in the series at some point. a lot of people most likely wouldnt give the recast a fair shot in the 2nd movie so shuri being black panther makes the most sense and the dora milaje will probably have the biggest action role in this movie which will set up their show

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