Big Baller Brand Gets ‘F Rating’ from BBB, Customers Beware! | TMZ Sports News

LaVar Ball is not seen as a big baller according to the Better Business Bureau, who also goes by the acronym “BBB”. After a series of complaints and no positive reviews, the Better Business…


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Big Baller Brand Gets ‘F Rating’ from BBB, Customers Beware! | TMZ Sports News

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  1. Hold the god damn fuck up…why in the fuck did I just get a notification for this fuckin bull shit im not subscribed to and ITS FOUR FUCKING DAYS OLD!!! like you fucks just decided to blast this shit out..I fucking hate TMZ.

  2. BBB bashes BBB because BBB backed back from backing BBB with BBB bucks, or maybe BBB's bitter about BBB being the better business with the same name, basically believing by bitching about BBB BBB will bend BBB's back and back BBB into a corner BBB will be beaten till BBB will do business with their "betters". But beware BBB BBB will be back.

  3. ordered from their site , never had issues.. could be just haters making false complaints, or it could be true and probably just having a hard time keeping up with demand. Their brand is growing so rapidly there is bound to be teething issues. give them some time to figure it out .

  4. I think Nike and the big brand want to send a message to some of these young players to never attempt to do what the Balls are doing by being independent. Those big brands rule. Nike even controls the NBA uniforms now and if anything should have a notice about poor product, it's those paper thin uniforms that Nike produced. I guarantee Nike is not receiving a BBB complaint for those uniforms, ripping to shreds.

  5. Zero positive or even neutral ratings.. I call bullshit .. That ain't even possible that no one …NOT ONE PERSON.. EVEN A PAID FAMILY MEMBER has had one positive review out of the 1000's of products this family's company had sold. They tryna black ball this dude so hard and it won't work cause he just keep getting bigger n bigger cause the media won't stop covering him.

  6. Where was the Better Business Bureau when Apple was selling us iPhones with batteries designed to decrease in life span after each update? Huh TMZ?

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