Biased Media Coverage of Women in Politics | NowThis


Time’s Up analyzed how the media covered VP candidate Kamala Harris compared to her male counterparts, Mike Pence and Tim Kaine — here’s what they …


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  1. Sexism exists because naturally there are only two genders. Male and Female. And each of them have biological traits. Why do you think than females in social animals get attract to the "alpha"? Someone who can lead and protect. Even human females want a alpha and a leader, a "good husband" (translation "a good provider who can protect me so I can not worry about desicions"). Hormones affect how they think and act. Nowadays communism are trying to change this by culture and politics.

  2. CEOs have very little to do with inequality. A black woman CEO has zero to do with her community and only help her and her family.
    Fully funding education and forcing rich people to be in the same schools as us will inherently by the law of numbers get diverse CEOs and forcing rich people to know poor people will show them we are not just numbers on a spreadsheet and make them think twice on firing us or shipping our jobs to China and destroying communities just for their bottom line. By the way billionaires should not exist and should be shot in sight. Lol. I’m kidding but they are hoarding our labor and paying no taxes and all the rich do it. Democrats and republicans are cheating the taxpayers and they should be prosecuted.

  3. why do people not like Kamala Harris? I've heard that she slept her way to the top and that she cheated but I don't know what to believe unless it's factual. Can someone please explain the pros and cons of Kamala?

  4. 100 short years ago….women were the literal property of men!! Women were banned from own property, voting even running in a marathon!! A law had to be passed stating women & men are equal!! The GOP want those days to be restored!!

  5. It's very similar to how female athletes are covered in the media. Women are more often questioned about their emotions, looks, and marital status than their skills, training, and accomplishments. That isn't to say they are ONLY questioned about those things. It's that they are MOSTLY questioned about those things.

    Reporters can report on a women's accomplishments and past political history, no one is arguing that they never do. It's just that more often they are spoken about in terms of their looks and emotions instead of their skills and job record.

    I work in a make dominant industry. My first day at a new job I was introduced to the others on the office. A group of estimators (men) met me and the first comment they made was, "you are better looking than the last guy". A few months later a new guy was being brought around and you know what they said to him? "Where did you work previously?" You have any idea how irritating it is? Rolls eyes

  6. These inequalities and inequities should be obvious to people, but it’s hard breaking out of a world we’re taught…. basically this is OLD colonial US social norms and values VERSUS the new and improved social norms and values. Things should continuously change to continuously improve . But, in society, we “create, sustain, and change these social norms and values we socially construct”, having basically the conservatives against progression and liberals for progression. Liberals work towards more and better for all, conservatives hold on to traditions. This is ‘merica!