Bernie Sanders Wins New Hampshire l FiveThirtyEight Politics Podcast


The crew reacts to the results of the New Hampshire primary, including a Sanders win, a close second for Buttigieg and a surprise third place finish for Klobuchar …


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  1. I think we have to get rid of the DNC. I'm tired of people pushing me around and not counting my votes because it won't keep them in power or making money for themselves. AND if we don't do something about the electoral college – and we've had years to do that – we're still going to lose because they don't represent the people they are supposed to represent. The system is broken period. It doesn't matter who the voters support if organizations like the DNC won't let their votes count.

  2. 7 million new jobs, lowest unemployment in 50 years, lowest unemployment "ever" for minorities, strongest economy ever and thats with a "Full Court Press" by the Socialist Democrats trying to throw Trump out of office. With his accomplishments we dont need thier imput, Democrats are in the way. I want my children to have jobs not foodstamps and public housing.

  3. What a strange atmosphere to this podcast. Silver acts as if he lacks confidence with being seen in public. The girl offered true but rather odd comments about people in a gym smelling after a while…and that Buttigieg's mother was at his rally…The guy leading the conversation seems to speak down in his throat, maybe to make himself sound more grown up. The other guy says a lot, but he doesn't say much. And he got the facts wrong about Bernie turning out new and younger voters. quite a lot of trivial comments about 'nicknames' for different candidates. The 'profound' idea seems to be that a crowded field, with lots of centrists running, against each other allows Bernie to win.

  4. You guys really think people are dumb enough that they just pick a candidate based on race and sex? That remark (15:00 ish) about how if biden drops out Pete my get the other people who just want to vote for a white guy is extremely racist and shows how dumb you think Americans are.

  5. Wealthier and more educated voters follow the news more closely is right, but the news they follow, MSNBC and CNN, are openly hostile to Bernie. So, If you hear a MSNBC commentator say that Bernie makes her skin crawl for some unknown reason, they get a bad to at best mixed opinion of Bernie. To get unbiased view of Bernie go to You Tube podcasts like TYT, Rational National, Secular Talk, Humanist Report, etc

  6. Im not a Warren supporter. However I think the DNC stole votes from Warren and gave them to Klobuchar. This woman has no path to anywhere. She polls 4% with minorities. Creepy Pete the log cabin republican, has no path to anywhere. He polls at "O" % among black people. After super tuesday these corporate tecnocrats will be a distant memory. MBNA Joe "plagiarism" Biden politically is a dead man walking.

  7. Hillary, Kerry, Gore: Dems who ran as moderate Lost! Only Obama who pretended to be a populist won(hope and change right?) Also look at Trump who ran as a populist for whites, also won.

    If you want to win you need to do it with Bernie who is the only one running a true populist movement and been saying the same shit for 30 years.

  8. Would like to know how many Republicans propped up Pete and klobachar. Over 100,000 less voters in the Republican primary this year. Where did they go? Clinton and the media claimed Republicans voted for Bernie to sabotage her chances in open primaries. Let's see the data. Clearly Bernie has the progressive lane so they are not Republicans.

  9. Don't you think that you should clearly state that the famed model shouldn't be trusted right now on your website next to your forecast as well, instead of just saying it on your podcast? Plenty of people look at your website for insight, so it's kind of dishonest that you're not letting them know that even you don't consider it reliable right now.

  10. the more the establishment attacks, the more bernies base solidifies.. and others outside of the group see the corruption and unfair treatment by media and the establishment democrats and decide to vote for him too. hell, msnbc was doing interviews in a cafe, in NH, and a lady specifically said she was going to vote for pete or warren but after hearing all the bad mouthing of bernie, she voted for him instead… lol

  11. Most of the comments on these videos are still uncannily similar to replies on politics twitter– it's surreal to see those spicy amateur takes in YouTube comment format. Maybe just me. But here is a comment for some of those good good engagement numbers. I'm glad this channel exists!

  12. The cable news headlines were Klobuchar gets third , Buttigieg now has most overall delegates, Bernie must be stopped. MSM not even trying to hide their bias. Good job Nate for trying to discuss Bernie's actual win before your co-hosts hijack the conversation back to Amy and Pete.