Asylum in Italy for Pakistani – Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Europe.

Hello friends. Italy has become a great destination for the people who want to seek asylum in Europe because Italy assist asylum seekers and refugees in better …


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Asylum in Italy for Pakistani – Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Europe.

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  1. Italy's Senate passes tough anti-migrant decree, The Italian Senate has cleared the way for Interior Minister Matteo Salvini's tough anti-migrant decree to become law following a confidence vote.
    The populist government of Salvini's League and Luigi Di Maio's anti-establishment Five Star Movement (M5S) won the vote with 163 senators for, 59 against and 19 abstentions, including five M5S members opposed to the stringent decree.

    The lower house of parliament now has until the end of November to approve the decree, which the coalition first put forward in September, and makes it easier to expel migrants and strip them of Italian citizenship.

    The government opted for a confidence vote to get the decree through the senate after M5S members tabled a slew of amendments.

    It should now have no problem passing the lower house given the coalition's majority.

    A delighted Salvini tweeted that it was a "historic day" after the vote.
    The decree will put an end to two-year "humanitarian protection" residency permits — a lower level of asylum status based on Italian rather than international law — that were awarded to 25 percent of asylum seekers last year.

    Instead, residency permits will be awarded under stricter conditions such as a one-year "special protection" status or a six-month "natural disaster in country of origin" status.

    Of the 81,500 decisions handed down by Italian authorities in 2017, eight percent were granted asylum, eight percent subsidiary protection and a quarter humanitarian protection.

    The remainder were rejected. If appeals fail, they face the prospect of being classed as economic migrants who must return home.

    Those seeking refugee status will also now have their requests suspended if they are considered "socially dangerous or convicted in the first instance" of crimes, while their appeals are ongoing.

    They will in future be housed in bigger reception centres, while only minors and those with recognised refugee status will be housed in different parts of the country in order to facilitate integration.

    'Seriously concerned'

    The Italian Refugee Council said it was "seriously concerned" by the new law.

    "The abolition of humanitarian protection will put thousands of people outside the law and only a very few can be repatriated," it said in a statement.

    A new procedure to fast-track the expulsion of "dangerous" asylum seekers will also be implemented.

  2. Assalamu Alaikum bhai Koi Ye Bata sakta hai ka seyasi pana Tu baad ki baatein pahle Italy Mein jane ke liye kya tarika kar karna padta hai Seyasi pana lene ke liye

  3. sir jb hm apni fake story sunaty h tu wo pak sy cnfrm krty h sb?? r agr italy any sy pehly pak m fake FIR banwa li jay k mj py na maloom afraad ny hamla kia h… to ye sb chal jay ga waha??

  4. ترکی میں سیاسی پناہ کیسے لی جاتی ہے اس کے لئے بھی ایک ویڈیو بنائی شکریہ 😃😃😃

  5. Italy closed its borders and nobody is allowed to get in the country anymore, unless you arrive in a plane with documents. Ships that tried to go to Italy in the last months were rejected and migrants who tried to cross the borders by land were sent back to their country of origin. Don't waste your life and time, the party is over

  6. What the italyan authority does with a Christian asylum seeker? Will they grant asylum for Christians very easily? Please reply. Waiting for or early reply. Thank u.

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