AP Poll: College Football Top 25 Rankings For Week 7

The new college football AP poll has been released! The latest Top 25 rankings from the AP Poll features several notable changes, including inside the top 10 …


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AP Poll: College Football Top 25 Rankings For Week 7

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  1. You 2 obviously don’t know how football works, or how the rankings work. They don’t just look at your record. They look at who you beat, how many points you won by, and your stats for each game. Texas beat 3 ranked teams. USC, TCU, and OU. “TCU and USC aren’t ranked anymore.” Is probably what you’d say, but they were ranked whenever they played. That’s what counts, and Texas is what got them kicked out of the top 25 in the first place. And if you can’t look past that Maryland loss, then idk what to tell you.

  2. Okay, look at the strength of schedule for the top five teams in the nation. Comparing Notre Dame’s successes to the top four teams and tell me who will stand out. Notre Dame has beaten Michigan (that was ranked 14 on the opening weekend), beaten Stanford (ranked 7 two weeks ago) and has previously beaten Virginia Tech (ranked 24) with the score of 45 to 24. What ranked school has Alabama played against this year right now?

    My CFP prediction: #1 Notre Dame, #2 Ohio State, #3 Clemson, and #4 Alabama

  3. Official Rules/Points For Being a University of SEC Fan:

    1. No allegiance to a single team.
    2. If your team is bad then you must be a fan of who ever is in first.
    3. You must use the term “WE” when referring to any team in the SEC.
    4. No logical thought process will be allowed.
    5. NCAA rules don’t apply to the U of SEC, but when and if your team is busted, just insist that you're a Vandy fan.
    6. You must have a ESecPN profile for every SEC team.
    7. When comparing teams you must use stats from the entire U of SEC to prove a point against whatever single team you're arguing against.
    8. You must have a bias, hateful obsession with Ohio State and bash them at least once every 2-3 blog posts and, once again, no original/logical thought process is allowed during this time. Examples of acceptable burns: "31-0", Suckeyes, Slowhio, Liar Liar Vest on Fire, OlieO, Urban Liar, etc. etc.
    9. Any team in the U of SEC could go undefeated in any other conference, and any other team would be lucky to go 6-6 in the U of SEC.
    10. If an SEC team loses an OOC game to a cupcake team, then that game autoamtically does not count.
    11. SEC Speed References: 4.42 40 in the U of SEC is faster than a 4.4 40 at any other college.
    12. The SEC could go undefeated in the NFL and win the Super Bowl every single year.
    13. YOU MUST USE CAPS LOCK, ebonics, or broken English when blogging.
    14. When U of SEC teams play each other, it shall be referred to as a top Bowl Game.
    15. You must brag about past U of SEC wins against current teams, but when other teams' fans attempt the same thing you must deny all facts due to the game being in the past.
    16. When deciding who has more NFL players you must use all 14 teams from the SEC and again use the terminology "WE."
    17. Bash every other team for any student-athlete getting a felony or misdemeanor over the last 30 years, and dismiss the current 20 from your team in the current year.
    18. Everyone in the U of SEC is recruited from the South…. even if they're not.
    19. If an SEC team goes undefeated against cupcake teams to start the season, they shall automatically be ranked in the top 3-5.
    20. U of SEC fans MUST, at least inadvertently, attempt to claim "We don't even have to play OOC because we play each other…."
    21. If an SEC team beats someone by 10-17 points it shall be considered a blowout. If any other team in the nation wins a game by 10 – 17 points it shall be considered a close game and "the other team obviously cheated."
    22. A 9-6 final score for a game played in the U of SEC is a game of the century because U of SEC defense is so great.
    23. Must agree with the absolute REFUSAL to play any decent team from another conference at their home field if their school is located anywhere north of the Mason-Dixon Line.

  4. Oh! So you are an Notre Dame fan, obviously that is what is calling out your bias. Me I am in the PAC 12 with the Huskies, but am also an LSU and Auburn fan. You cannot sit there and call Washington weak, when Washington in actuality were supposed to oh have Wisconsin (who were supposed to be a top team) and Auburn on our road schedule; where we in our program actually here make attempts to play a tough out of conference schedule, (Wisconsin pulled out). Washington were supposed to have Auburn up in Washington next year, but Auburn canceled out of that. As too many SEC opponents and Big Ten opponents only want to play teams on their own home field, except for LSU and like Michigan. Otherwise Washington has a shitting amount of hard oh luck trying to schedule a tough non-conference schedule; because everyone wants their cake and eat it to kind of shit. They will only play if they feel they have the advantage. Notre Dame has had no tougher schedule than Washington. Stanford were waxed at home by a team in Utah that Washington dominated. So Stanford oh is not as tough this year. Virginia Tech continues to fail all polling. You beat Michigan at home is your only victory. And me personally I would rather take a loss versus a tough SEC there so opponent on their home field (close to home) like Auburn, than to beat a Big Ten opponent on my own home field. No matter what the SEC; right now is the SEC. It is not like Auburn is getting thumped, they just lost; because there is defense in the SEC, unlike oh what Notre Dame faces and Notre Dame doesn't play even a Playoff game. Notre Dame could not beat Oklahoma. Because Notre Dame has not played any team that has been up in the CFP for the past few years, which is why Texas is ranked up; oh because again Texas is playing against teams now that have had credentials in the near past. When there you beat a CFP perennial like Oklahoma? It is going to matter, no matter who you lost to before. They favor Washington for the fact because Washington has shown that they will go on the road and face a tough out of conference opponent. And that Washington has been in the CFP and Washington is a program that plays by what the CFP likes to see, in other areas also. And realize that Washington had like 4 to 5 All Americans hurt for us all last year and like 3 other starters, and we are still in a minor way a young program but still were able with all the injuries to almost win our Conference anyway and took Penn State to the brink. You find me a program that loses oh what 8 of their best players, and come tell me where they would finish at the end of the year? As that is also what the people in the polls are seeing. They see a program that has viability and is good enough to overcome areas like that here. We this year are still recovering those guys who were injured last year, they are being brought along slow. Polls are just polls. Polls favor the teams that have a proven past in succeeding. Notre Dame has not been anything for years. Michigan has not been anything for years. Wisconsin loses their ass to BYU, who a BYU team that Washington destroyed up on Mont lake Dawg pound. The polls to me are not being anything what they are really. Washington has built up a track record in the past and has again now, a strong brand name. Learn that. Lose confusion.

  5. Texas has 3 wins over top 25 opp and 1 was over a top 10 opp. Rankings don't matter anyway, so I'm not saying more just gonna listen to the Eyes of Texas and win baby win!

  6. I feel like she me too 5 teams are going to lose, possibly twice(Georgia) opening the door for teams like Washington, Texas, and Penn State if they win out

  7. Putting disrespect on Texas, we have more qualities wins than Penn state, and Washington. I get it we had a bad loss to Maryland but we payed back for it with our quality wins.

  8. How can they say "they can't believe Texas is ranked in the top 10?" Wtf!!! TEXAS IS BACK, we beat 3 TOP 25 teams in a 4 week span, and are on a 5 game winning streak. So there not to bright when it comes to football…… just saying. Smh

  9. Notre Dame is absolutely a top 4 team. No question. They have beaten 3 top 25 teams. When the REAL poll comes out im certain ND will make top 4.

    AP poll is nothing more than talking heads voting opinions. It means nothing. Zero.

  10. Washington Penn State Texas Wisconsin Oklahoma, Michigan , Miami and Oregon should all be under Kentucky Florida and LSU, Those three have the best resume's of the one loss teams. Really no contest

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