Anthony Scaramucci says bitcoin could reach $100,000.

This segment originally aired on February 10, 2021. #bitcoin #crypto #AnthonyScaramucci Yahoo Finance’s Julia LaRoche spoke with SkyBridge Capital …


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22 thoughts on “Anthony Scaramucci says bitcoin could reach $100,000.

  1. I certainly won't be a millionaire at the end of this bull run, however I had 45K invested 6 months ago in bitcoin, im sitting at 325K now with 50% in eth and 20% in other alts… so I'm very happy and thankful to Andrew Charles Weber who made this possible, maybe next time I'll have enough to become a millionaire.

  2. Hey man , YouTube recommended your video to me and I have to say that I’ve been really surprised quality of your analysis and information . I actually went back and watched some of your old videos and you’ve been spot on . New subscriber here . Great job, thank you 😊

  3. Me: 5 years ago…no it really is a great time to buy…them: it's too expensive and risky. Me right now 50k is a steal, you better buy and hold it. them: it's way too much money. Me: You can buy partial amounts of bitcoin even $10 worth. Them: I think it's a scam. 10 years from now. Bitcoin just hit 1 million dollars. Them: I wish I would have listened to you and bought at 50k no matter what. I'd be retired by now. The moral of this story. The best time to buy bitcoin was 5 years ago, the second best time is right now.

  4. “…These measures worked so well that they fostered unbridled speculation, resulting in Japanese stocks and urban land values tripling between 1985 and 1989. At the peak of the real estate bubble in 1989, the value of the Imperial Palace grounds in Tokyo was greater than that of real estate in the entire state of California.” Investopedia

  5. Scaramucci is a huge investor, he's out to sell, sell, sell. What else would a person say if they had big money invested. Of course he wants everyone he can drag in, in. He's selling the dream. Trillions! Whopeee!

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