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  1. Hey thanks again for having me on; this was the original article I read in regards to E. Coli. in grass vs. grain:

    This study only really shows that E. Coli. lives for longer when inoculated in grass-fed animals, simply meaning that there is lower acidity in the stomachs This doesn't really matter because they are giving the animals the bacteria as opposed to letting it naturally occur.

    This ( article says the following:

    "Grain does not specifically promote the growth of E. coli O157:H7, but it increases the chance that at least some E. coli could pass through the gastric stomach of humans," Russell says. "The carbohydrates of hay are not so easily fermented, and hay does not promote either the growth or acid resistance of E. coli. When we switched cattle from grain-based diets to hay for only five days, acid-resistant E. coli could no longer be detected."

    This article claims that the E. Coli. bacteria in grass-fed animals is less-acid resistant so it is not harmful to humans:

    Maybe I'll make a video on this, IDK

  2. Glad you made this video, I learn from both of you, great information. I don't think I'll be able to go as far as eating raw meat but I'm open minded to try at least a piece of raw grass fed liver one day and learn how it can improve my health and deficencies.

  3. Help please I am so tired of my mom telling me I am going to die of heart disease every time she sees me cooking with copious amounts of lard/butter and eating red meat every day. I was born with a heart murmur and that is her excuse. This diet is the only thing that helps me with my depression. She is always telling me how unhealthy my diet is because of the fats and It honestly also scares me even though high animal fats make me feel good.

  4. That first hour… man… makes me want to throttle people. I have gone to my tribe's reservation, and I see the symptoms of this stuff, fat young moms, boys with ADHD, my own cousins manifesting Price's findings, nobody knows what's happening, elders that should be practically immortal getting diabetes, heart disease, and stuff like dementia and alzheimer's when the native language doesn't even have the bloody words for those, and so on. I can't look. I get uncontrollably mad.

    Oh, hey, you should get Frank Tufano on. ^_^

  5. Filipinos are majority Austronesians like the Polynesians. A week ago, I met a young registered dietitian in the Philippines at a hostel who didn't hesitate to tell me that the ketogenic diet was bad. No wonder the rate of diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and obesity in the Philippines is increasing. I asked if they were still using the food pyramid and yes, there were. And don't get me started at those young Filipino nurses who talk with glee about participating in an "Operation Tuli", a mass free circumcision operation. I love the Philippines but stuff like those, imports from foreign countries disgusts me.

  6. Frank should listen to you, I and others who know the importance of salt in the diet. Insufficient salt causes low blood volume, and possibly high blood pressure as a result. Frank should check his blood pressure when eating no salt and having his episodes of insomnia (possibly adrenal/circadian cycle problems).

  7. Italians DO have beautiful skin in general. I am Italian, 100% Sicilian to be exact. My immediate family and extended family were complemented on their skin a lot, and they ate a lot of pizza and pasta. When I was sick for many years (chronic lyme disease included), my skin was not a clue to others as to what was going on in my body; I still got complements, but my skin got a LOT BETTER when I got well. At age 60ish, it even improved much more because I've been on a very strict/potent ketogenic diet for the last year–was paleo before that. The takeaway here is if judging health by the look of the skin, we should compare ourselves with ourselves. I had acne once, but that was from a tetanus shot that destroyed my health when I was 16.

  8. Advice for Frank: If you don't know what NAC is, then be careful saying that Dr. Berg does not know his stuff when it comes to vitamin C. Just sayin'…you may be made fun of. I do know that you were trying to be respectful of Dr. Berg, but take the log out of your own eye before sticking your neck out. Anyone who is relatively familiar with supplements, you know, like people who know substantial info. on the topic of supplements (especially supplements that clean the liver) knows what NAC is. Besides, Dr. Berg DID say that vitamin C can be in found in organ meats/liver.
    Nobody knows the exact content of vitamin C in meat flesh/organ meat because it is relative to the animal's diet among other things. And when it comes to destroying nutrients by cooking, that is not an exact science regarding every single nutrient either. On top of that, a ketogenic diet is very nutrient sparing, including vitamins, minerals, EFA's, etc., but that is not an exact science either, of course. However, I personally would not depend on getting enough vitamin C or getting enough of any very heat-sensitive nutrient in any animal flesh if cooked.
    Good luck to Frank.

  9. Has Frank ever considered that his adrenals may be the problem? Does he know that our adrenals need salt, specifically mineral salts? Does he know that our blood is supposed to be nearly identical to sea water? I tried to convince him (through his channel/comments) to try some organic seaweed if he won't eat unrefined sea salt, even before he did this interview on this video. What he explains as his symptoms sure sounds like whatever is the cause, it has his adrenals f"d up! And regarding the minerals/electrolytes that he takes, WOULDN'T SEA SALT OR SEAWEED BE A WHOLE LOT MORE NATURAL THAN TAKING MINERALS FROM SOIL/ROCKS/MINES??? Minerals that are not from food are thousands of times TOO LARGE to properly get in and out of our cells. Because of his non-food mineral consumption, he may even be acquiring kidney stones!!! Frank should really get back with me; I think I can help him.

  10. Frank try some glucose from white rice. Maybe you need glucose for the brain to fall asleep.

    I’ve faced the hard insomnia from liver too. It’s heavy metals, gets worse when I have no glucose. Be careful friends. We live in a very polluted world. Heavy metals are everywhere and they concentrate in fat and organs of animals and humans. Make sure it’s very high quality. We don’t live in the same world as Dr. Price anymore. Be safe.

  11. Really getting into this show now. Your levels of woke are unreal. Will try raw meat soon… Tried raw eggs last week. Survived. No salmonella.
    Keep up the great work!

  12. Frankie’s skin! Hair! Teeth! Thank you both for this delicious convo. Btw One of the main reasons I’ve left Veganism after all these years is because of my chronic acute insomnia I regularly miss several nights sleep and awake I once went 11 days with zero sleep and I ended up in the hospital. Inormally get about 10 hours of sleep in a week. This is been going on forever and I’ve tried everything and I really feel the animal foods I am currently experimenting with have truly helped me as well staying away as much as possible from blue light sources especially at night and getting a lot of sunshine and grounding during the day. I know how devastating it is not to sleep and I really hope you get relief ASAP.

  13. These people who worked at a Halal abattoir have been sentenced today for horrific cruelty to animals.. This is 1 case out of 1000s where this is happening. If anybody wonders why I'm Vegan or thinks they have the right to attack me when it's things like this which made me one go ahead. The sentences are disgraceful and the law needs changing.. Even the judge was shocked that all he could hand out was fines.

    I'm not here to say anybody needs to go Vegan, I think we can all agree that something needs to be done about this which is why I'm just here to share the story.

  14. ALSO. Fasting in not only the Bible but in other historic texts- can also be interpreted as abstinence of daily activity INCLUDING food. But more importantly it seems abstinence of all is better for healing. This is in accordance with what monks do living in the mountains, however my idea is that it was meant to be their place of refuge so that they could abstain(fast). But instead they stayed there.

  15. I see Franks Chanell getiing as big as yours bro,nice to help each other in this way.Carnivore diet will in few years be as popular as Veganism is today,this is an World wide revolution!
    God bless 🙂

  16. I have had vegans admit it's not a natural diet to me. I asked them where they get the vitamins like B-12 from since it's not found in plants? "supplements", they say. Like man-man supplements are healthy to them…it's okay to them to supplement their diet because they admit they can't get everything they need. They think they know better than mother nature and at the same time pretending they worship mother nature.

  17. I found cheap beef heart at my local supermarket, but it's not organic. Should I give it a go? What if I slice it into slices, then fry them?

  18. I've really been wanting you to interview Frank. This was an awesome interview with so much valuable information. Thanks to both of you. Amazing dudes!

  19. I was getting the racing thoughts insomnia on a high carb vegan diet…went to eating a balanced diet it went away was also doing some grounding and trying to do some circadian rhythm things…now doing keto and it happens every once in a while…i took Accutane too and i blink like frank as well especially when i dont sleep

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