And Then BOOM: A Baby – MAFS: Happily Ever After (S1, E7) | Full Episode | Lifetime

The couples reunite in Boston to meet baby Laura and take advantage of the support system they’ve created. The experts meet with the spouses separately, and …


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23 thoughts on “And Then BOOM: A Baby – MAFS: Happily Ever After (S1, E7) | Full Episode | Lifetime

  1. I must say shawniece is a bold and strong woman. To be with a man who didnt love her at all and told the world and for her to still be with him today after all these years. Is very interesting. I'm such a sensitive person. I couldn't have done it for this long… I would've left. I feel for her because I'm unsure if she was to ever divorce other men will maybe label her as the lady who man didn't want her.. hopefully that wouldn't happen and a sincere man will come in and love her sincerely. If they was to part. From what I see on their Instagram. They still holding on❤️ bring great parents.

  2. I am so sick of seeing Jephte's face. His attitude about this union is the opposite of what a man who chose this process should be. Lifetime, I see your game. Shawniece, you need to stop being so weak. It's okay to be a single mother. You are not only beautiful but a good women, do not settle for less.

  3. A quick inspiration – Nothing that has happened to you is a surprise to God. God’s hand is always on you. He’s ordering your steps. If the door is closed, it was supposed to be closed. If the person walked away, they were supposed to walk away. Don’t get upset, keep moving forward. God has already worked the situation out. He has something greater in store for you. Declare by faith, “it is already done” 💕🎆.

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