A Tour of BONAIRE ISLAND | More Than Just Beaches!

Exploring the beautiful island of Bonaire, in the Dutch Caribbean near Aruba and Curacao and part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. WANT TO BOOK A …


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A Tour of BONAIRE ISLAND | More Than Just Beaches!

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  1. Thanks for showing the topography, but I find these islands very boring. Oh for the heady days of Mexico. It seems so long ago.

  2. Bonaire is underrated….. Aruba and Curacao gets more attention, but this little island is a little gem. Nice video 🙂 Happy travels & enjoy those amazing beaches.

  3. Gabriel, re WIND NOISE.
    I have a Yi Lite, similar to GoPro.
    I use flat foam rubber/plastic to cover the microphone holes.
    It's held in place with rubber bands.
    Works a treat.

  4. Good stuff! I’ll bet those slave huts were hot as ovens! Man those poor folks must have baked inside those cement structures in that Caribbean sun. We are so blessed! 🙏

  5. Bravissimo… Gabriel… You have done a excellent job… Very nice music in this nice video… You are a great artist… Compliment…. Mille Grazie… to give such interesting… Pictures… You are simply the best for me… No words… Perfetto… 🇺🇸👍👍👍👍

  6. Gabriel, it would be nice if you made a video pointing the differences between the ABC islands, in terms of vibe, beaches, landscape, prices, transport, distances, etc… thanks for the videos, keep up the great work

  7. After having some girl friends from Netherlands, Gabriel likes anything Dutch and he started visiting places related to Netherlands.

  8. Hello! Gabriel, Please don't get mad at me for saying, I think you are a very sexy handsome guy, I'm just saying. I love watching your Videos, they are so very beautiful and peaceful, they put me at peace, I already live a very happy and peaceful life anyway, but they just always make me feel so at peace, I always watch them, This is a Great Channel, Love, Peace & Many Blessings always my brother.

  9. I have enjoyed your tours of the ABC Islands, Gabe. At the conclusion of the series, I hope you will offer your opinion of each island–pros and cons, compare and contrast–for someone wanting to visit/move to one of the islands. Thanks! Safe travels.

  10. Seems like Aruba kinda “steals” the vacationers from what is such a beautiful island in Bonaire. Is there a highrise resort area on Bonaire?
    Thanks again, Gabe! BTW, if you only could select one of the ABC islands to vacation on and you’re into nice hotels and relaxing on a beach, which would you select? 👍🏼☮️💟

  11. Bonaire looks like a cross of Aruba and Curacao. Architecturally speaking of course. All 3 islands have their unique charm and features! So like Curacao, Bonaire has German outlets and switches(I love those), but also uses USA sockets. Only USA dollars almost like Aruba, and the houses in the smaller town of Rincon look more like Aruba houses. The main town has a more Dutch look but subdued in that the buildings are not as Dutch FANCY with less decor but the shapes and outlines are more Dutch like. THE WINDOWS and DOORS!! This place has more of the natural or brown color wood windows and shutters I LOVE, unlike in Curacao where they paint alot of it WHITE. I want to see more video of the main town to get a better perspective but from the google images that is what I have so far!. Prices are about the same as Curacao so economical travel destination? I would hope lol!

  12. My favorite video of all you did such a great job. The colors are crisp the music in beginning is perfect!!! Sell this to a travel site as now I AM Going ✝️💜☮️🌸🌸🌸🌸💜💜🦋🦋!!!

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