47 thoughts on “95% Of My Body Is Burnt | SHAKE MY BEAUTY

  1. Hey girl! I graduated from Putnum City ( the Original) in 1985 and Oklahoma State in 1990. Nice to see another girl from the city make it! Congratulations!!! Best of luck to you in your career!

  2. When the Pharisees took Jesus to a blind man and asked him so who sinned to cause this man this curse and Jesus respond was neither the parents nor this man has sinned the reason this man was born the way he was is so that he may display the wonders of God, you're a very beautiful soul both inside and out

  3. Wish she could ready this: You are different that people out, but inside you are more beautiful than many people I know, because you kept your resilience and faith in yourself and life.
    Many congratulations on your degree!
    PS: i love her freckles XD

  4. To have survived something so horrific and then have people be assholes to you is beyond the beyond. Girl, your scars are the battle wounds of a warrior and a survivor. You beat the odds. The people that bully you, have no idea what you’ve been through. They are idiots, and so lucky to not have been through what you endured.

  5. Your eyebrows look amazing I've been drawing mine on since I was in high school and it's been almost 20 years I got bullied a lot because of it. You're beautiful and don't let nobody tell you you're not.

  6. May Allah Almighty make her and all of his creatures like her normal and Also protect all of his creatures including me from all types of diseases, syndromes, deficiencies, disabilities and incidents through out the whole life and afterwards as well….. آمین ثم آمین یا رب اللعالمین یا ارحم الراحمین

  7. How can anyone ever bully such a kind and brave soul? It breaks my heart!!! Jenna, you deserve the absolut best and I really hope that you have lovely and kind-hearted people by your side <3

  8. You're a beautiful person inside and out. These bursts do hurt you emotionally deep down and I feel you.. Am happy you get through and yeah you graduated…People who keep doing nasty things and bullied you they're brainless humans who doesnt understand but they will come a time where themselves will see it sooner.. Dont let anything stop you.. You're strong woman with lots of good taughts..Stay healthy. Hugs 😊

  9. You’re beautiful, whatever that means. You’re who you are meant to be. People are cruel and are scared of of what they don’t “know”. There’s people like you who teach the rest of us humbleness.

  10. People are terrible, imagine surviving a trauma like that and having to deal with those awful people.

    Those people would probably not have the strength and courage to go on like she has.

    She seems like a great person, I hope she has a happy future!

  11. She is having a fantastic silhouette, such beautiful eyes and very nice long hair. She is still a very pretty women. Congratulations for her Bachelor in Psychology. Great stuff, well done!!! I am very much looking up to her how she is managing her live.

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