80% Of My Skin Is Covered In Moles | BORN DIFFERENT

SUBSCRIBE to Truly: A 24-YEAR-OLD from Kerala, India was born with moles that cover 80% of his body. Prabhulal, who is currently doing a …


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45 thoughts on “80% Of My Skin Is Covered In Moles | BORN DIFFERENT

  1. Hes beautiful to me. . . . .he has an awesome family, esspecially his mum and dad, they raised him well. I wish for his life to be full of happiness, love and good karma. And may all his wishes, hopes and dreams come true for him in the future. And may he live a long and full life filled with amazing memories.❤

  2. He has a beautiful heart, the part where the moles are not growing, you can see he is an attractive man. We're on this earth for such a short time why can't we except people that fit societies mold. Be open minded and enjoy being with others without judgement.

  3. What a lovely person, I would like to be his friend too! He seems so nice and has a sparkly personality. I liked what he says about God, I wonder if he is Krishna Conscious? Or perhaps some other faith, but still very serene natured.

  4. Interesting. I’ve seen a girl in Brazil who is also covered in moles. I honestly use to think that having moles was mainly a European thing. I for one have a lot, not to this degree but I do have some on my eye lids, on my face and across my body.

  5. "…there is nothing in this universe that isn't beautiful." Powerful statement!❤❤ I wonder if the mole hanging off him hurts? Also, I wish Dr. Pimple Popper or some other dermatologist doctor could help him. Thank goodness he has such a strong support system around him too!!👍P.S. that parrot 🦜 & that little girl are too adorable 😍 😍 !!

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