3 Reasons Not To Divorce A Spouse Who Cheated

Some problems come into married life. One of these is your partner cheating on you. It is very difficult to accept such a challenge but in this episode, I will teach …


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28 thoughts on “3 Reasons Not To Divorce A Spouse Who Cheated

  1. I once caught my husband cheating with this lady but he promised me that he will never do it again and we got back together. Little do I know that he only wanted to be more careful in the act so I couldn't catch him. Then a friend of mine introduced me to this hacker, ciaberhacker2019. Who helped me hack into his phone so I could monitor him. It was then I found out that he has even other ladies he cheats on with. I was so furious and relized that he can't chenge. I had to take a very important decision to protect my heart. Thanks to ciaberhacklord2019 @GmailCom. You can also reach him through his email and don't forget to thank me later.

  2. Thx for a life lesson , I am just 14 yrs old yet I try to understand these stuff . According to me divorce could be averted by a second chance as you will never gain happiness ,only complex emotions (I am too young to understand these emotions).
    We are humans and we all have made mistakes , by getting divorced you are not taking your revenge or supporting yourself you are just destroying the lives of your family and most importantly your children.

  3. 3 reasons to divorce a cheating spouse. 1, She doesn't see you as her best or she did it out of revenge. 2, She doesn't respect you and won't respect you for taking her back 3, It will always be in the back of your mind and isn't healthy. And 4, Things will never be the same.

  4. If your spouse cheats on you, DIVORCE. My friend did not do it and got an STD from her husband. All they do now is fighting all the time because of the resentment. If he cheated on you it means he doesn’t love you. This Dr is giving the worse advice ever. I divorced and went through hell during the process. But my ex husband didn’t make it difficult but the court did. It is the justice system who punishes women and gets vindictive because of seeking respect. My ex husband wasn’t easy but ultimately the court gave him more power to abuse me during the process. I’m happier being divorced.

  5. Do you ever think someone made me …and I will be returned to him… actually this life purpose is to follow a life style which pleases our Lord..for that we should seek knowledge. I recommend you to read Quran..(revelation according to religion of Islam)…. spirituality is the most needed thing to be upgraded. ….🙂May Allah bless All….

  6. I really love your point of view, especially if there are children involved. I love all 9 principles but I think we also need to know how to draw the line between humility and accepting abuse. Is it possible to add "setting healthy boundaries" to these 9 principles?

  7. I think you usually have wise words but on this topic I will challenge you. God bless you for trying to always stay positive but sometimes you just can't change some things. Relationships are tricky because as you know it takes 2 to make things work and no matter how hard the 1 person tries, that doesn't mean that the other person is going to change. First take it to God and then to counseling, the end result will come. There are too many risks in staying with an unhealthy person. Some would be physical abuse, mental abuse, narcissistic abuse -belittling, demeaning, and other similar behaviors. A bad=abusive spouse is a bad role model to the kids and this would, in my book, be a qualifying reason to remove that person from a person's life.
    I would say get out of that relationship and find help. Maybe you can put off the divorce and physically separate while getting counseling but some relationships are just so unhealthy and dangerous that the person needs to leave immediately. Of course if counseling doesn't work then I think getting out of the best choice! A person who cheats could bring an STD/worse to the other spouse and that can lead to major health risks which would ultimately compromise the stability of the caretaker for the children – usually that's mom. On this topic, I disagree with you!

  8. An elder woman from my husband's side of my family cheated her spouse for 3 different men, she met her ex-boyfriend had an affair with him for more than a decade. Also, she was sending nudes and having casual sex with two other men. After getting caught, she was mad at us for exposing her, rather she wasn't having even remotely remorse. Still, her spouse forgave her!!! Needs a big heart.

  9. Sorry, I disagree. I put infidelity into the pile of a deal-breaker. I am a very forgiving person and I have learned from experience that it erodes your trust and puts you in the position to be abused by a person that has already demeaned you and your relationship.

  10. Divorce doesn't solve who the individual is. You bring yourself into your next relationship. If you don't learn to manage your pain and your behavior, you'll continue to end up at the same crossroad again and again in all relationships.

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  12. It is better to stay together! It is SO true it never solves the problem. In fact the problem between parents becomes now an issue the children have to deal with per parent and work through within close relationships like their future spouse.
    Thank you for these points!

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