2015 General Election – Exit poll reaction

Harman, Balls, Ashdown, Montgomerie, Paxman react to the first news of Conservative victory.


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2015 General Election – Exit poll reaction

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  1. A great victory for the Torys and the UK. With the upcoming boundary changes, the rise of the SNP and the election of Corbyn and the internal damage that has and will cause it is clear that not only will Labour lose the next election but will never win a majority ever again. The maths makes it virtually impossible from now, and with Corbyn as leader there simply are not enough 'middle england' voters who are natural centre or centre-right willing to make an extreme swing to the left. This why Milliband lost. What therefore do Labour do, so to learn from their mistakes?, put someone even more extreme and left wing in! Genius!

  2. The Conservatives only won because a lot of people in the UK are naive stupid ignorant and believe everything the likes of the Daily Mail and The Sun print. Just hope in 2020 we don't make the same mistake and vote this nasty bunch of greedy self serving parasites back in. I know Labour are far from perfect but they're the better of the two evils and a Labour/SNP coalition would be far fairer for the people of the UK than what we've ended up with.

  3. I'm not entirely sure that Paxo is a socialist of any kind. Paul Mason on the other hand, you could see the bias etched all over his face. It's an Old Labour communist who was spinning for all he was worth. Whilst other pundits could clearly see the results in the north of England weren't giving Labour nearly enough of a swing to translate into a win nationally – he just blithely ignored it and prattled on with his head-in-the-sand lefty line that the Next Dear Leader was optimistic.

  4. Ed Ball saying that Labour, 100 seats behind the Tories, could form a Government!  Laughable, 2 fingers up to the British people who got rid of labour, that is the way labour operate, take the people for granted!

  5. All the exit Polls, and Paul mason's reporting just proves beyond a shadow of a doubt the Left Wing Bias of the BBC that everyone has tried desperately (and now comprehensively failed) to deny.

  6. Tim Montgomerie spent most of the election slagging off cameron and crosby. Was delighted when that Ashcroft bum-lick was proven wrong, and was exposed by crosby post election!

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