18 Harmful Foods We Keep Giving to Children

How to Keep Your Child Healthy. Proper nutrition is super important for your children’s health and well-being. If you wish them well and don’t want them to settle …


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18 Harmful Foods We Keep Giving to Children

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  1. This channel doesn't make since, MILK … that's healthy and give you strong bones if we won't drink it we will be weak

    Me: unsubscribed
    I actually did
    Waits till it says milk: oh it's unpasteurized milk sorry I didn't know that was a thing

  2. Didn’t he say the yogurt is bad for your kids and he mentioned instead of eating potato chips eat sweet potato fries with Greek yogurt? Yeah this channel is such a lie

  3. Get off YouTube. You have zero scientific proof, and no experimentation for your never-correct list videos. Everything else is simply one of two things:
    1.) Clickbait, or
    2.) Absolute bullcrap that nobody needs to even hear either.
    I would have done a lot more than that, but I have stuff to do. Expect a hate video in future.
    Good night.

  4. Nope not true. Homogenized pasteurized milk is actually not good for you and has no health benefits however responsibility sources raw milk is packed with good bacteria our guts need to develop a healthy lining. It’s so sad that this information is hidden. So so sad.

  5. Everything everything everything is bad most stuff is genetically engineered therefore it's a ticking time- …… of trouble in the future hack the furniture in your house is giving off gas that is bad for you your best bet is to bless the food and give thanks to God and wish for the best because everything is out to harm your health

  6. YOU CAN EAT FAST FOOD ONE IN A WHILE….LIKE ONE BOX OF MC DONALDS EVERY MONTH…..NOTTTT POTATOOOO CHIPS PLZ BRIGHT SIDE!!! Now your doing orange juice…oh my god okay…okay I give up….yep keep making me mad mhm
    sorry I love your videos BUT- NOOOO NOT MILK!!!

  7. My mom would never let me have whole milk. Only 1 percent, skim, coconut, oat, and almond.(one time there was 2 percent) and Greek yogurt gets involved…

  8. Milk and milk products are not good for anybody, the reason being the proteine casein, which our body cannot process, because we lack the enzyme to digest it… It doesn't matter if they are pasteurized or not. Pasteurized products have the bacteria killed, indeed, which is actually NOT good for people. We need bacteria for digestion…. Our body is an ecosystem, we live in symbioze with germs and bacteria, if we eat the right foods we feed the good bacteria, if we eat the wrong ones we feed the bad bacteria…. We cannot live on sterile foods. What we were told about food is upside down really… question everything!

  9. But what to do! All they want to eat is processed food, chips, sweets, they rarely drink water, they will just drink soft drinks and soda when they're allowed to on the weekends and they get a little sweet every day after school just as a reward If they have behaved well in school.. THEY REFUSE to even taste good organic meat, sometimes fruits but not so much.. I mean they are impossible with food no matter what you do or say. If you don't say they'll get a reward after or threaten them 🙄

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