#154. Why We’re LEAVING MEXICO and Going Back to the US?!?

It all happened so fast…now we need to drive back to the border. During the long drive, a LOT happened. ▻Get $40 when you sign up on Airbnb with our link: …


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#154. Why We’re LEAVING MEXICO and Going Back to the US?!?

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  1. If the ask you “A que se dedican” just answer we are bloggers “hacemos videos de los lugares bonitos y esta semana estamos de vacaciones en Mexico” or a big city near wherever you are!!

  2. Wow the miles per hour and I thought 7075 was kind of fast in California but when you mention 80 90 95 even sometimes a hundred wow that's fast I didn't know if you could go that fast in Mexico I know in Germany 130 hundred forty and not get cited but I didn't know that about Mexico thanks

  3. You were criss-crossing your words looking suspicious. I think they were just asking if you were dealing drugs or transporting they they were asking you questions like a I like like a high Patrol you know to see if you were smoking or carrying any kind of legal illegal things or transporting any legal things asking if you were on vacation traveling or visiting

  4. Or maybe in some states some parts of Mexico driving a car to luxury you know I get so lonely maybe rich people drug dealer something of what people drive

  5. Maddie, baby.. the militar said: “buenas tardes señorita, ¿a dónde se dirige?
    Which means: “where are you heading to”
    Omg I missed watching your videos guys❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍

  6. There is almost zero property tax in Mexico , so the cafe's are probably just trying to get people to stop and spend some money. Who was playing the Juan Gabriel music at the end ?

  7. Another user already posted the right answer but they ask "what do you do?" because they are after drug traffic, so if they notice you get nervous or say something suspicious they might pull you over and check your car. When I go to the US I get that question asked all the time by the CBP agents at the border. I don't really think is a weird question, makes total sense to me

  8. Well, tour just paying the toll for using a federal highway, you're going north, to the border, so it's natural to a certain point that they ask you guys those questions.. In the USA, for decades, and even worse now, police tends to stop Latino Hispanic looking people, and they ask you ALL kinds of questions, even what church you attend, and for how Long!!!

  9. the speed limit are ridiculusly low in Mexico (everywhere) so ppl usually drives 10 or 20 km faster, some even more, if you are doing 10 or 15km /hr faster than the limit its very rare that a cop stops you, highway patrols (federal de caminos) are more annoying and the fines are much higer, and sometimes they'll stop you if you are going a bit faster to try and get a bribe, dont give them anything, just be on the look out for their cars, they are easy to spot. basically just try no to be the fastest car on the road and you probably be ok. they always go for the fastest car. thats a pro tip 😉

  10. you can buy a Iave card, and you can choose one of two ways to pay for toll booth, you can either link your Iave card to your credit card and you'll get charged the amount of the toll booth you used, or you can add funds to your card and the toll booth will deduct the cost. the benefit is that is much faster and usually theres no line or much less line than a regular toll booth, also you dont have to worry about having change or getting back your change wrong, you can check the info here https://www.gob.mx/tramites/ficha/telepeaje/CAPUFE216

  11. Probably your best video yet! Why didn't you just fly Volaris out of Guadalajara to Houston? You could have been there and back same day and for a lot less money. We spent a month in Ajijic earlier this year and are anxiously awaiting seeing your upcoming videos there.

  12. I pass U.S. check points in Texas all the time with a Mexican car and always pull me over show my visa and then they ask where I am going and what or where I work. So I would say it's quite normal if its some sort of military check point. 🙂 (its a pain sometimes)

  13. LOL. I’ve been asked by cops in LA what I do for a living. It’s not uncommon. Especially if you’re a minority driving a nice car.

  14. I wished I would’ve known you were in my city (Saltillo, Coahuila) I would’ve asked you if you wanted to go and check out the fair or to a museum or something. You would’ve love it.
    The show that was in front of the cathedral, it was because it was the birthday of the city.
    I hope you can come here again.

  15. oh my gosh!!!!! when I saw that place you stop at the gas station,I literally thought you guys where in Dodge City Kansas,which is about 2 hours from my place.To my surprise you where not! when you said San Luis Potosi,I had to back the video a little bit to hear again what you said, I couldn't believe it . Mexico has changed a lot!!! In a few months I will be traveling to Ciudad Valles San Luis Potosi and I am going to stop at that particular gas station just to make sure you where not lying! Just kidding!

  16. What you doi for a living? is a very common question in Mexico even in social interactions, nothing unusual, in this case police wants to know who they are dealing with a banker, a doctor, a beggar, a farmer, a peasant, a sexual worker, a priest etcetera and then if you say you are a high executive of a bank and you are dressed in rags something is definietly wrong!!! if you say you are a nun and you are dresses scantly and behaving like a cheer leader well they would ask you to get off the car…the same in our normal interactions Mexicans tend to be prejudiced and curious, so we immediatley make a quick mental profile of the person we just met, by knowing what you do for a living we can guess how much money you make, where you live, what kind of person you might be…

  17. A que se dediquen is a common question that the military would ask. Their primary concern is to stop trafficking. If our answer to that question is not congruent or for them is shady…. they make you get out of the car and search it.

  18. Ah yes military roadblocks , just dont get nervous and comply , they are not being mean or anything , and in case they ask you to step out of the car worry not , they are only inspecting and if you dont make a fuzz about it they will be nice to you … when I moved from Guadalajara to Los Cabos I got stoped by many but it always was a simple procedure (also many would see my NES (Nintendo) and talk about it about their childhood with me). And technicly those road blocks are anti constitutional and they are not supposed to do them , but how can you argue against a bunch or machinegun armed folks when you dont even carry a knife? :/

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