10 Travel Tips With Bags


I will share travel tips with plastic baggies to use when you pack for a trip. These tips will help you save space by using plastic bags, help you organize items in …


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  1. hi ya! my mom has been using baggies for years when we travel. (we grew up travelling, it was a budget secret as packing cubes weren't the big thing they are now) in fact just before the pandemic, we'd taken a family cruise & we both forgot to pack extra baggies. so in port one day, we hit up the local convenience store to buy a box of ziploc bags. 🙂

  2. I use plastic bags to individually pack small liquid containers that I’m reusing. For example, I reuse empty skincare bottles or jars (especially the sample size ones) and fill them with whatever product, and then put them in a small Ziploc in case they leak. I have a dedicated « travel basket » in my closet, where I keep those containers and plastic bags, and sample skincare items. I don’t wash those little plastic bags after each use unless a product leaked.

  3. A couple of tips for moms with young children: I used to pack my kids' clothes by sets in each of the Ziploc bags when we travel. It was easy and lightweight to pack and easy to grab and change if they have an accident and need to change quickly. I also used to make sets of "activity/goody" bags. I would pick up a variety of wind-up toys, tiny stuffed animals, small activity books such as puzzles, coloring pages, etc along with a small pack of crayons/coloring pencils/markers, and treats. Once we had to change 5 planes to get to our destination so I would hand one out on each of the new flights. This is one of the best entertainments on the roads or planes.

    I have to say, I don't like using Ziploc bags for toiletries. They are way too flimsy and often leaks or accidentally got punctured. All the other suggestions you made, I actually do use as well, with the exception of the board games. THAT, I am going to adapt. Thank you!!

  4. You’re absolutely right, baggies are wonderful to keep you organized. When my kids were infants I used plastic bags to keep my baby gear inside of my diaper bag sanitary from my high-touch items such as phone, loose change, wallet and keys. A set of diapers, wipes, pacifiers, burp clothes and nursing cover, burp cloths and a change of clothes each had their own gallon-sized ziplock bag.

  5. I use sandwich size, quart & gallon size & the 2 gallon size. I always pack extra in the front pocket of my suitcase for last minute wet items from the shower or wet bathing suits from the last dip before leaving for the airport. Plus, you never know what is going to split open in your suitcase with lotion or sunscreen. They are the best!!! I use Freezer style bags & reuse them until I cannot reuse them anymore.

  6. We’ve used baggies for years. It’s great for the last day of vacation to throw your wet swimsuit into before packing. I also use the vacuum bags for all our dirty clothes. So much easier and less smelly for the trip home. Thanks for more great tips!!!

  7. I love using plastic bags! I use snack size, sandwich size, quart size, Gallon and two gallon sizes for everything from cosmetics, sunscreen to all clothing! Just be careful not to overpack in any of them because of weight limits, it can be deceiving!

  8. I know they are very practical, but I hate them inside my bag. I don't know why. My husband uses them for travel . He packs $500 inside each, and that way he knows how much money is left. I hate, hate, hate when we go shopping and he takes out a zip lock bag with money inside! LOL. But it works for him. I have multiple clear view envelopes from Lug, and that works for me. Thanks for the video!

  9. Hi Laurie it’s Amanda Quiñones I’m from the Bronx NYC I really enjoy watching you videos there’re great tips and the last video you did at the airport the bloopers at the end were so funny and your reaction when the announcements would come up and you and your family are so fun keep posting and I’ll keep watching thanks

  10. I like to pack my period essentials in a ziplock baggie, but since i became more environmentally aware i use the squishy pencil pouches. You can get them with many different compartments, so you can be organized and still smoosh and squish into the luggage. Plus they have many cute patterns, so nobody else have to know what is in them.

  11. Used to travel for a living, used Ziploc bags for travel domestically and internationally. Cheap, disposable (if you want), items are visible for quick locating and can roll up to eliminate almost all air as well as a space bag.