10 Signs of an Obsessive-Compulsive Narcissist

This video answers the questions: Can I describe the obsessive-compulsive narcissist? Here I will review 10 signs of the obsessive-compulsive narcissist.


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34 thoughts on “10 Signs of an Obsessive-Compulsive Narcissist

  1. Something I don't get with ocpd. This person believes he does things perfectly, or is the only person who does things right, but it just isn't true.
    For instance, one minor example- his drywall job at his home. He believed he was the only person who could supposedly do drywall right, but it wasn't that good. His drywall job had the exact same mistakes that he would point out in someone else's work. That was the hard part for me to understand. I wouldn't have cared except that he would go out of his way to say his was the only right way and then everyone had to go along with it even though we could see for ourselves that it just wasn't true. Is that just gaslighting?
    If you openly disagreed you could be banished from the family. It happened once with his uncle over a disagreement about a mechanical fix on a car engine. (And his brother, and several friends but they were different issues.)
    He also screamed at some people passing by who offered to help him move a refrigerator. He thought he could do it himself and he got so mad he called them mother….. and screamed at them that he didn't need their help when all they said was "do you need help with that?"

  2. My fathe has ocd ocpd and npd. During this long quarantine I wished for death every day. He is like a 6 year old trapped in an adault man body.
    Once he didn't talk to me for 1 month because I did put my spoon on the table. Literally just because of that.

  3. Im 32 and I have felt for about 22 years I have OCD without a doubt but I also have a lot of stuff that doesnt fit into OCD, so I feel like I have something else, mainly things like confusion in my morales and beliefs, daily fits of rage followed by worry and guilt, fear of illness yet hygiene and cleanliness isnt a big deal for me. I wish someone could diagnose me properly and just put my mind to rest after all these years of uncertainty and not knowing the truth, trying to deal with the symptoms but not knowing what the problem is

  4. This explains a lot. I grew up with ADD in the 60’s when there was not very much help in any of these areas. I still have “ pay attention!” Ringing In my ears, among other things. Now Having someone in my life who is so “perfect” and smart and diagnosed OCD opens up all these wounds. At least now I have a better understanding

  5. Can a person develop these personality characteristics after being with psychologically (+) abusive people for a long time? And does this make them a narcissist, or can they improve after time away from other narcissists and harmful people?

  6. Great video and points! I have a question Dr. Grande, I had an obsessive stalker at my church back in 2000. But, I have a question. If the person stalked you in the past, are they are likely to stalk you again in the future? I still feel that this guy was stalked me at church will do it again. Let me know what you think. Thank you so much, Joy.

  7. I read this in Psychology Today, it totally makes sense: "Narcissists grew up in homes where admitting being at fault led to being "devalued". If they admit that they were wrong and believe it, they are likely to turn their overly harshly and punitive internal “judge” on themselves and feel unbearable shame and sink into a self-hating depression. Naturally, they would rather blame you!" They live in constant anxiety "I must be perfect, I don't need anybody because if I get attached I get hurt. It's due to avoidant attachment (trauma) formed in childhood. Not saying you should stay in such a relationship and suffer. Never accept any long-term form of abuse they give you… you have only one life to live. They are like boxers in the ring that don't stop punching you because they can't see that you are being hurt when they are in their rage… they can switch "off" their sense for empathy (i.e. object constancy) for you whenever they feel vulnerable. They can't hold a negative emotion for too long because it forces them to admit they were wrong (if I admit that I was wrong, I will be punished for this) so they project it onto you by blaming you. That way they can get instantly rid of the negative emotion that is potentially traumatizing to them. They are deeply wounded individuals and many of them stay alone forever… unless they fool you into marriage or having kids. Yeah, they win the battle but lose the war. Divorcing them is a messy process, they will fight. They only wake up after their whole life falls apart but many of them don't recover fully just get milder in their actions.

  8. I currently live with a narcissistic, sickeningly obsessed psychopath. My own cousin. I've been stalked by this particular relative for 9 long years… These types of creatures need to be eradicated IMHO. Especially since most narcs refuse to accept the 'facts' they're what they are and to get the help they soooo need… This is a serious form of mental abuse that needs to be taken seriously on all accounts by law.

  9. Omg “There is no room for being human.” sounds soooo much like my ex! This whole video describes him completely. Every conversation was a battle of who knows more; everything I did was criticized. He always knew more than me. Yet he always quoted this to me, “The only thing I know for sure is that I know nothing.” RIGHT.

  10. Gosh I hate that other people's obsessive compulsive narcissism has rubbed off on me and made me feel afraid to not be perfect or i'd be called out for not being as precise as them or some shit. From now on I no longer give that toxic behavior any weight, let alone think badly of myself for not being that way. Damn these people are toxic af. I'ma go back to being chill.

  11. I dated a paranoid narcissist it was miserable. Literally will read all your texts and find problems where there aren't any. It's also sad that he needed to get married in order to move up in ranking in the air force so everything he did was rushed and forced and demanded that i behave in ways that soothed his insecurities, it was exhausting. He tried to get me into conflict with my own family member etc.. but when he accused me of being a liability to the safety of our future family unit for taking a route i wanted to take instead of the route he decided for me, that was the last straw and when he used breaking up with me as leverage I was like "cool" and when he saw i didnt buy his bluff he panicked and tried to get back together, showing up uninvited to see if I was with anyone etc absolutely psychotic…. I'm still traumatized by his presence in my life he was insane. I have stories for days, everyday was a problem I felt so free getting out of there.

  12. Everyone's out here going "Sounds like an awful existence to live with someone like this" and I'm out here watching this to confirm if I am an OC narcissist or not (My therapist suspects I may have OCPD). What was described in the video sounds more like my uncle than me though, thank god.

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