10 "healthy" food labels, exposed (CBC Marketplace)


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  1. Deceptive marketing is suppose to be illegal and a part of the unfair marketing laws.The problem is nobody enforces any laws and most often just trying to get a hold of any government office is nearly impossible,designed to make it tough for you as a consumer so they don't have to do anything at all.Tax payers money gone to waste.

  2. So grateful for your program! It needs to be piped into our governmental food agencies, so they have no excuse when they allow this trash!!!

  3. Thank you CBC Marketplace for keeping them honest! I'm currently taking a Nutrition course at Niagara College and this segment on Marketplace is one of the videos we watched during our week about food labels. Personally, I think the nutrition course should be a core subject in colleges and universities. S.M.A.R.T goals can only be achieved with smart education.

  4. Both reporters are WRONG when they analyze the ingredients in the Kellogg's Nutri-Grain Superfruit bars. They both claim that they (the bars) contain "just over 3 teaspoons of sugar per bar," and the nutrition expert pours a whole week's worth of sugar onto the plate of a parent. In fact, each bar contains 12g-13g of sugar PER BAR (yes, it's redundant). The label with ingredients information can be found at http://smartlabel.kelloggs.com/Product/Index/00038000359217, and shows specifically "Includes 12g added sugars" per serving! They are trying to debunk health claims found on labels, but seem to minimize the amount of sugar (12g) by reporting it as "3 teaspoons of sugar"! Each bar contains over HALF the recommended amount of added sugars for men and women per day (6 teaspoons for women, 9 teaspoons for men, with no info on how many for children) – that's EACH BAR. With so much added sugars and refined flour added to EACH BAR, can you imagine how much sugar a person consumes in a day? If these reporters want to clarify misleading information on labels, they should also clarify what 12g of added sugars represents!

  5. I love market place exposing scams. Has there been an episode on cell phone company's over charging. (Tellus, Bell) bring the term scam artists to a whole new level.

  6. There are these delicious Campbells Everyday Gourmet boxed soups. But when I looked at the label on some of them, I noticed that they had shoveled 18 grams of sugar into each serving.

  7. If you endeavor to provide your kids and yourselves with good nutritious foodstuffs then surely you would be a million miles away from all this kind of shite already,,no matter how busy you may be, surely nobody would be so dumb to think these kind of multi national producers give a crap about anyones health or well being…

  8. I read the ingredients of a product not the advertising. It helps me understand the flavor an nutrition of a product. For example I like 3 to 4 ingredient corn tortillas chips and I chose based on the oil it's fried with.

  9. Been living with tenants and shared a house with a rented bedroom outside for 7 years, my food never got stolen in the fridge or in my cabinet. One reason was simple, they are all whole food so if you want to eat them you have to most likely clean them then shave them or prepare them. Then very traditionally cook them. So when I can eat them in my mouth that usually took one hour at the least, 3 hours at the most.

  10. The idea behind this series is really good. But you guys reference studies that you don't have any proof of. It would be great if you could link these claims in your videos. I would take these videos a bit more seriously if it wasn't shot like a reality TV show. But it does an awesome job about making me think more about the advertising and marketing done by these companies

  11. We live in a world where alcohol and tobacco are legal but marijuana isn't. I'm saying this and I drink but don't even smoke marijuana. We are fed so many pills. What did y'all expect? They want money and sick people for big pharma and population control. "They don't really care about us".

  12. Here you say companies in europe cant say unproven facts on products like Danactive/Actimel yet there are Polish commercials claiming they boost your immunity

  13. If anyone is foolish enuff to believe big corporations are out for the betterment of society is wrong…they want to line their pockets. Any parents that don’t look up the ingredients they are feeding their children are in for a big surprise, most processed foods are highly toxic and full of chemicals that cause disease and severe illness.

  14. The only real safety we have in knowing what is in our food, is making meals with real ingredients that we buy and cook for ourselves and who has the time to do that every day. Even as a stay-at-home Mom, I had to resort to pre-made products for many meals. What Canadians need to do is complain to government agencies, not only about deceptive labelling, but also about the amount of salt, sugar and chemicals that can be legally added to our food. If we remain complacent, and Canadians are really good at being complacent, nothing is going to change.

  15. That's why you read & learn about the ingredients I learned more about High fructose corn syrup & TBHQ.! I stopped everything caffeine a stimulant drug I drank sparkling water I hate soda.!

  16. i think thats why some vitamins makers claim that you only need to take 1 Vit C pill (1000mg) to have the same vitamin C for X amount of oranges, and some modern city folks are taking Daily Multi Vits, to "Top up" the vitamins they dont get from their unhealthy diet.

  17. it’s pretty simple. The more a product labels itself “healthy” the worse it is. Period.
    Same with juice. The fruit they show on front, it usually has the least of in it.

  18. This is so simple.

    BUY INGREDIENTS and make your own food from scratch. Buy organic or better yet, GROW organic. Stop consuming GMOs. And most importantly, eat EVERYTHING as close to the way God grew it as possible.

  19. When people say they are too busy to cook I wonder what their priorities are. There's nothing more important than what you fuel your body and brain with. Cooking from scratch with raw ingredients is cheaper, doesn't take as long as folks think and can be done as a bigger batch, frozen then defrosted/reheated as needed. It just takes a bit of planning and effort.

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