【Hololive】Mio: Panties Are BAD For Health【Eng Sub】

Mio introducing her health practice and explaining how no panties is healthy. [Source]: 「Ookami Mio」 Mio Channel 大神ミオ …


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26 thoughts on “【Hololive】Mio: Panties Are BAD For Health【Eng Sub】

  1. Beyond the psychological and spiritual benefits of nopantsu, (commando?), it's a fact that UV sunlight kills covid19. It's also a fact that fabric absorbs UV light, letting covid19 escape. So, if you die of covid19 because you foolishly wore pantsu, you set a bad example for future generations and disgrace our generation. It would be better yet if nude sunbathing were allowed everywhere. I'm just sayin'.

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