⭐️DIY IKEA HACKS That Are Shockingly Easy, Yet Look High End!

Do you love IKEA but would like to easily add your own personality to their decor? Then this IKEA Hacks video is for you! In this episode, I show you 5 shockingly …


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50 thoughts on “⭐️DIY IKEA HACKS That Are Shockingly Easy, Yet Look High End!

  1. Do you think you could share what kind of pen you used on the pillow? Looked like a gold Sharpee, but not sure if that was the brand. That colour turned out awesome…….I continue to get amazing ideas from you, thank you for sharing your amazing talents with us all……

  2. NataLee, I had 2 sets of those Ikea curtains so I got to work following your instructions. I am curious, I realize I will have to take the hooks out when I go to wash them. Will I have to take off the buttons as well? Have you laundered yours yet?

  3. FABRIC TRANSFER: you need fabric transfer paper! You can find Dritz Tracing Paper at fabric/quilting stores and Amazon. The other trick is to use a burnishing tool or the rounded end of an artist paint brush or similar, which will give you better contact than the tiny point of a pen or pencil. LOVE the paint pen idea instead of using a brush – I suck at it and it always bleeds, no matter what I try! 😂

  4. Hi Natalee, i love every thing you post and have tried my hand at several of them. Not sure if this question's been asked yet or not but the globe … OMG! I totally wanna do this but I can't find a font i like. What font did you use on the Cricut?

  5. Most of my life I have done custom draperies AND shades. Extremely expensive. In this house I just did dining and living room shades. The rest I either purchased or made. Primarily because I bought the house between jobs. Yup. Stupid. Well I’m still here and the house is paid off. Darn. Again, well done. The curtains to drapes are my favorites. I like the bling. I would have looked for something with black, but that’s only because my furniture is black, tan or gold. I’m not into clever sayings on fabric nor signs. Just my personal taste. They’re trendy and I’m more traditional. They tend to annoy me. I can, however, appreciate that many people do like them.

  6. Nathalie…it’s the most precious gift your son can give a mom. 😃 if you’re like me, you will cherish forever. I keep my fav, from the heart gifts from son and daughter, in a keepsake box for those days when we, as moms, don’t feel appreciated for everything we do. I even keep their Words that are written on cards. 😊you’re blessed, lol.

  7. I just can't get over how talented you are!!! You sure have an eye for decorating, I love everything you do!!! Can't say I like any of them any better than the last because they are all the greatest!!! But the godfather surprised me when all you did was change the top, beck I wouldn't have thought of that!!! But I will now, thanks so much for all you are teaching us!!!! Hugs,💗👵

  8. We have that lamp!! I'm going to go and buy some gold spray paint, I thought that turned out amazing!! I loved everything in this video and I'm wondering what the finished width of the curtain panel ended up being after you pleated it. So many great ideas, thank you!

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